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Parish Council Minutes Topics

  • 1. Parish Council Minutes-June 2009
  • 2. Parish Council Minutes-July 2009
  • 3. Parish Council Minutes-August 2009
  • 4. Parish Council Minutes-September 2009
  • 5. Parish Council Minutes-October 2009
  • 6. Parish Council Minutes-November 2009
  • 7. Parish Council Minutes-December 2009
  • 8. Parish Council Minutes-January 2010
  • 9. Parish Council Minutes-February 2010
  • 10. Parish Council Minutes-March 2010
  • 11. Parish Council Minutes-April 2010
  • 12. Parish Council Minutes-May 2010
  • 13. Parish Council Minutes-June 2010
  • 14. Parish Council Minutes-July 2010
  • 15. Parish Council Minutes-September 2010
  • 16. Parish Council Minutes-October 2010
  • 17. Parish Council Minutes-November 2010
  • 18. Parish Council Minutes-December 2010
  • 19. Parish Council Minutes-January 2011
  • 20. Parish Council Minutes-February 2011
  • 21. Parish Council Minutes-March 2011
  • 22. Parish Council Minutes-April 2011
  • 23. Parish Council Minutes-May 2011
  • 24. Parish Council Minutes-June 2011
  • 25. Parish Council Minutes-August 2011
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  • 27. Parish Council Minutes-October 2011
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  • 1. Parish Council Minutes-June 2009

    Minutes of St. Jude Parish Council

    11 June 2009



    Call to order. Council Chair Ted Barrett called the meeting to order. Other members present: Bernie Sage, Peter May, Elaine Radzwillas, Stan Haselton, Joan Magnant and Jerry Wetzel. Members absent: John King and Rodney Strong. Present also were Fr. David Cray and Pastoral Assistant, Gary Payea.

    Church and Rectory Heating Alternatives.

                Ted welcomed Ray Keller, parishioner and Energy Services Engineer, Vermont Gas Systems, Inc, who was present to update the Council on options for the conversion of the Parish facilities to natural gas. Ray presented a historical accounting of church fuel usage and the cost of natural gas vs. that of propane during the last 12 months. Savings during that period would have been $5,337. A similar analysis of the comparative annual cost to heat the rectory with natural gas vs. fuel oil showed a savings of $1,239.

                Ray suggested that a conservative cost to convert the church to natural gas would be $5,035, a figure that included conversion of the existing furnace, replacement of the current domestic hot water heater, conversion of existing kitchen equipment from propane to natural gas and a required upfront cash deposit of $935.

                The cost to convert the rectory oil-fired heating system to natural gas was limited to rental of a natural gas burner for the existing furnace ($14/month after the first no fee six months). A major reason why the cost to convert the rectory is so low compared to the church conversion cost is that a domestic rate can be applied for the rectory while a commercial rate is required for the church.

                There was much discussion among Council members of these options and where the gas line would enter the rectory and church. More expensive options, promising improvements in efficiency, were widely discussed but deferred due to the current and projected financial health of the Parish. At Fr. David’s suggestion Bernie and Jim Ross of the Parish Finance Committee will investigate the cost of a high efficiency conversion for the church and advise the Council. ACTION Bernie: Take the lead in this consultation with the Parish Finance Committee. In the end, however, the Council agreed to proceed with Ray’s suggested low cost option for conversion of the church and rectory to natural gas. Fr. David advised the Council that he already had advised Vermont Gas that St. Jude Parish intended to convert to natural gas. ACTION Fr. David: Communicate this Parish Council decision to Mark Bergeron of Vermont Gas.

    Opening Prayer. After the Council expressed its appreciation to Ray for his fine presentation, at 8:05 Elaine led the Council in an opening prayer. She had selected an excerpt from a novel, The Shack, which expressed God’s love for his creation.

    Minutes of 14 May Council Meeting. Ted asked if there were any additions or corrections to be made to the minutes of the Council’s May meeting. There being none, the minutes were approved. Ted reminded the Council that the May minutes and all subsequent minutes, after approval by the Council, would be posted on the Parish website.

    Commission Reports:



                Joan reported that the Teen Program, under Maura Kelley’s guidance, is progressing well. The St. Jude / Our Lady of Mount Carmel program appears to be the most progressive of those operating in the Diocese.

                Stan advised that plans for a van to transport Bible Study members and their families to the Divine Mercy Shrine in Stockbridge, MA, now seemed to be growing into a bus that could accommodate a much larger group of parishioners. Plans for that pilgrimage are developing and were discussed at the 8 June meeting of the Bible Study group. ACTION Stan: Keep the Council informed of the plans for this pilgrimage.

                Joan reported that she had investigated the availability of and criteria for a grant to improve the sound system in the church. She had downloaded a grant application from the Oregon Catholic Press, which has a 30 June grant application submission deadline. The Council suggested that Joan prepare and submit the application. She agreed. Elaine volunteered to assist Joan in preparation of the application. ACTION Joan: With Elaine’s input, prepare and submit the grant request and inform the Council of progress at its next meeting. Stan advised that he had two speakers that he would be happy to donate; Bernie also had two that he was willing to donate. In the meantime Contois Music, LLC has been contacted for a survey of our church sound situation. ACTION Gary: Recontact Contois and inform the Council of the result of its survey.

    Social Action.

                Elaine reported that, although some items had been promised, she had had no volunteer response to her “Christmas in July” flyer event. She was further disappointed that she had had no response whatsoever to the other two invitations she had listed in the flyer. Fr. observed that this was a busy time and that a later date might be more auspicious.

                Ted advised that his Senior Lunches continue to be a success, the last one featuring “The World’s Cheapest Man”. He further advised that the group of seniors who meet weekly at the United Church for lunch have contacted him with the request to use the St. Jude Parish Hall if their facility (Osborne Hall) is not available. [Note: I have since determined that the group meeting at the United Church is sponsored by Champlain Valley Agency for the Aging (CCVA), that the meals are prepared by Burlington High School, and that transportation for attending seniors is provided by reservation with SSTA].

                Stan then provided status of the Parish Questionnaire he had volunteered to prepare. He read his cover letter, which Council members thought to be excellent, and he solicited member suggestions for the “question” portion of the questionnaire.  ACTION Stan: Continue to work on the “question” portion of the Parish Questionnaire and present another draft for Council approval in July. Council members used the occasion to ponder why Ecumenical Churches, like the Essex Alliance, are so successful at attracting teens. There was a good discussion which included the value of having teen membership on the Parish Council. No formal decision, however, was made on that matter. ACTION Ted: Lead the Council to a conclusion of the teen Council membership matter.

                The Council congratulated Ted for his fine presentation of the State of the Parish on 23-24 May. Members felt that such periodic reports, in combination with the planned monthly Parish Newsletter, would help stir up interest in the activities and objectives of the Parish Council.

                Elaine reported that she has yet to contact Mary Pellegrino to get the facts on the matter of the monthly community potluck at St. Jude. ACTION Elaine: Get the facts on Mary’s monthly community potluck lunch and advise the Council.



                Peter advised that he had nothing from John to report. He reported that he is checking with several people in regard to removal of ice from the church roof. ACTION Peter: Advise the Council, at its next meeting, on appropriate plans for snow and ice removal from the church roof.

                Ted reported that he had checked the church roof and that there is a lot of rust. He advised that it is going to have to be painted, although not as an immediate project. Bernie advised that he has come across a rust neutralizer that is painted/sprayed on existing rust that prepares a roof for a normal paint job. He further advised that the patches so neutralized can be painted with a very good color match so as to not look like a patch job. ACTION Bernie: Get the facts of this neutralizer for Council consideration at its next meeting.


    Religious Education.

                In the absence of Rodney, Bernie had nothing to report. Ted read Maura’s “Teen Ministry Rise Up” newsletter to the Council. All were impressed by Maura’s ability to communicate with our teens. In the last paragraph of her newsletter, Maura asked for Parish Council support ($100) so that she could purchase more “Rise Up” teen ministry T-shirts. Bernie preempted Council consideration of this request by volunteering to send Maura a personal check for the requested amount. Parish Council members admired Bernie’s generous act.

    Action Items Status:

    “Parish Questionnaire”, “Newsletter”, “Monthly Potluck Dinner”, and “Presentation to the Parish” all have been addressed above.

     Other Old Business:

                No progress report on the July 4th Float was available in the absence of Rodney. Stan volunteered to work on the float in his non-working hours. Ted will coordinate with Rodney to see how the Parish Council can support this endeavor.

                    There was no discussion of a Parish Picnic.


    New Business:


                Ted led the Council in a brief discussion of Doug Taff’s financial report. Fr. David reminded the Council that at current income levels the Parish will have a $6,000 deficit at year end (30 June). In that regard Fr. David advised that Cunneen Company will be at St. Jude on 16 July (11:00 a.m.) to initiate planning for the September fundraising campaign. Parish Council members are invited.  ACTION All Members: If possible, plan to attend the Cunneen kickoff meeting.

                    Ted reported that he has heard nothing from Sandy on the state of her investigation of Endowment Options for the Parish. ACTION Ted: Recontact Sandy and advise the Council at its next meeting.


    Date for Next Meeting: Thursday, July 9, 2009.

    Adjournment: There being no further business, following a closing prayer, Ted declared the meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

                                                                                        Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                        Jerry Wetzel, Secretary

                                                                                        12 June 2009


    Approved, 9 July ’09, as corrected.





    2. Parish Council Minutes-July 2009

    Minutes of St. Jude Parish Council

    9 July 2009



    Call to Order. Council Chair Ted Barrett called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. Other members present: Bernie Sage, Elaine Radzwillas, Stan Haselton, Joan Magnant, John King and Jerry Wetzel. Members absent: Rodney Strong and Peter May. Present also were Fr. David Cray and Pastoral Assistant Gary Payea. Stan led the Council in an opening prayer.


    Minutes of 11 June Council Meeting. With a minor correction on page three, the Council approved the minutes. Ted reminded the Council that the Parish Secretary will display the approved minutes on the Parish website.


    Furnace Conversion Update. Ted advised that fuel delivery to both the rectory and church had been cancelled and that the rectory furnace can be converted to natural gas simply with a notice to the gas company. Bernie reported that we now are waiting for Ray Keller to provide options for a new furnace and related hardware for the church. Council members agreed that there was no need for a decision at this time on the new church furnace. It is likely that the availability of funds will bear upon that decision. Ted suggested that the Council leave the church furnace decision on the back burner for a few months. The Council agreed to revisit the matter at its September meeting. ACTION Bernie: Get furnace and related hardware options for consideration of the Council at its September meeting.


    July 4th Outcome. Gary reported that the concession stand was successful except for beverage sales due to the day’s weather. Leftovers will be used at the 8 August Parish picnic and therefore not be wasted. The Parish 50/50 raffle returned $400, $200 of which becomes profit. A Hinesburg resident (not a St. Jude parishioner) won the raffle. The Parish Float was constructed entirely by the Strong family, the lack of other help being a general disappointment to the Council. Bernie had arranged for the trailer. Elaine suggested the Parish abandon the float idea, given that there appeared to be no interest in volunteering. After some considerable discussion about the general state of volunteerism at St. Jude, Ted opined that a sign-up sheet is not enough but that people need to be invited, by a personal call, to volunteer. Elaine noted that there is a good turnout after the 9:30 Sunday Mass in the donut room and that the many young families there present are a sign of parish health.


    Commission Reports:



                Joan suggested that the Council explore the value of promoting “spiritual direction” for St. Jude individual parishioners, opining that most probably were not aware of the value of such spiritual guidance. The Council entered into a good discussion of the idea. Joan and Jerry (Worship Commission members) volunteered to present some ideas and perhaps a program to introduce the concept at the August Council Meeting. ACTION Joan and Jerry: Present ideas and a spiritual direction education program for Council consideration at its August meeting.

                Jerry reminded the Council that Stan’s pilgrimage to the Divine Mercy Shrine in Stockbridge, MA on 18 August had definite “worship” connotations. And that he (Jerry) planned to stand by an “Our Lady of Fatima” kiosk after Mass on Sunday, 12 July, in the donut room.


    Social Action.

                Elaine advised that she intended to snazz up the media center in the church lobby to make it more attractive and up to date. Ted reported that the senior lunch continues to be a friendly event, although attendance is slightly down due to the summer season.

                Elaine used the occasion to report that parish youth activities, led by Maura Kelley, are being well attended and attractive to our youth. Eight St. Jude teens participated in a 27-28 June Diocesan Youth Congress at St. Michael College along with approximately 90 other teens. I t was a good program overall, with emphasis on teen evangelization. Maura is also leading our teens to Soul Fest again this year, on 1 August.


    Stewardship. Ted reported that, although Peter wasn’t present, he had reported that he (Peter) would remove the snow and ice from the church roof this coming winter. The Council welcomed the report but opined that Peter needed to enlist some help, both for his own sake and for the purpose of involving other parishioners in the activities of their parish. John had nothing to add to the Stewardship report.


    Religious Education.

                Bernie reported that a group of teens was planning a well advertized Teen Outdoor Ministry hike up to Sterling Pond on Saturday, 18 July. In that the religious education program is not active during the summer, he had nothing more to report.

                Ted used the occasion to promote discussion of the matter of teen membership on the Parish Council (one of the Council’s Action Items for this meeting). It was Ted’s view that such teen membership “wouldn’t work”. Council discussion followed, considering options for teen involvement in the workings of the Parish. It was noted that Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Williston has two teens on its Parish Council. Ted volunteered to contact Fr. Ravey, Pastor at IHM, to get some facts for our Council to consider at its August meeting. ACTION Ted: Contact Fr. Ravey (878-4513) and be prepared to lead a further discussion of teen membership on the St. Jude Parish Council.


    Action Items Status:


    Parish Questionnaire. Stan shared his second draft of the questionnaire he plans to distribute in September. Council members discussed and approved his concept and content. One of the survey questions, however, attracted special attention: “Would you like to see a rosary before weekend Masses?” Fr. David advised that that pre-Mass time now is occupied by the Sunday choir and that if they were prevented from warming up at that time and place they likely would disband. On Fr. David’s advice, Stan struck that question from his draft questionnaire. ACTION Stan: Prepare your questionnaire in final form for Council approval at its August meeting.


    New Furnace Options. (discussed above).


    Grant Application for Sound System Upgrade. Joan reported that, after much difficulty, on 29 June she had electronically filed our application with Oregon Catholic Press and, by phone, confirmed its receipt. Apparently the Oregon Catholic Press is having some difficulties in its communication (as reported to Joan), a fact that might work in our favor if other applicants had difficulties similar to those experienced by Joan. The Council commended Joan for her determination and success.


    Snow and Ice Removal. (discussed above).


    Update on Endowment. Ted reported that he has had no reply from Sandy Anderson but will attempt to determine her progress in her presentation of the Endowment situation at St. Jude. ACTION Ted: Follow up with Sandy and present her findings (or invite her to present her findings) at the Council’s August meeting.


    Teen Membership on Parish Council. (discussed above).


    Roof Painting Procedure. Bernie had nothing to report on the neutralizer he discussed at the June meeting. He volunteered to bring in some technical information regarding that neutralizer at the August meeting. ACTION Bernie: Provide the tech data related to the neutralizer in question at the Council’s August meeting.


    Monthly Pot Luck Dinner. Elaine reported that the next community dinner being promoted by Mary Pellegrino was scheduled for September.


    Cunneen Kick-Off Meeting. Ted advised that Fr. David had rescheduled the Cunneen meeting to Wednesday, 15 July, at 7:00 p.m. in the donut room, in order promote greater attendance by the Council and interested others. Stan and Jerry volunteered to bring cookies to the occasion. Gary will set up the room and make coffee.


    Other Old Business.


                 Ted reported that he had no news from Mary Muroski who had volunteered to organize and oversee minor fundraising events.


                The Council discussed the Parish Picnic scheduled for Saturday, 8 August. The event is to be highlighted, as in the past, by an outdoor Mass beginning at 4:30 p.m. in the Church parking lot. Ted volunteered to announce the picnic at Masses preceding the picnic. Jerry volunteered to prepare and post sign-up sheets for donations of salads and desserts. Hotdogs and hamburgers will be provided by the parish. Gary will prepare the facility, to include set up of a tent as in past years. ACTION Jerry: Prepare and post volunteer food sign-up sheets.


                While “Parish Finances” was discussed after adjournment, in fact it appropriately is “Old Business”. Fr. David advised that we continue to deficit spend, ending the current fiscal year (30 June) having spent $10,328 in excess of our regular income. This deficit spending pattern is not new and will have to be stemmed by some major means if St. Jude is to continue to be a viable parish organization. Assuredly the matter will be discussed at the 15 July fundraising meeting.


    New Business.


                Jerry called member attention to the new “Vermont Catholic Magazine” that replaces the “Vermont Catholic Tribune” (newspaper). The latter was a bimonthly publication; the former now monthly. In the most recent first edition of the magazine an article entitled “Year of the Priest” gives us pause, Jerry opined, to recognize the Pastor who is leading us here at St. Jude. After some discussion, the Worship Commission (Joan and Jerry) volunteered to present some ideas for consideration of the Council at its August meeting. Jerry also volunteered to provide some appropriate, informal remarks in regard to our Pastor at the Parish picnic. ACTION Joan and Jerry: Formulate and share some suggestions in regard to “Year of the Priest” with the Council at its August meeting.


    Date for Next Meeting: Thursday, August 13, 2009. Joan volunteered to lead the Council’s opening prayer at that meeting.


    Adjournment. There being no further business, following a closing prayer, Ted declared the meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.


                                                                            Respectfully submitted,

                                                                             Jerry Wetzel, Secretary

                                                                            13 July 2009


    3. Parish Council Minutes-August 2009

    Minutes of St. Jude Parish Council

    13 August 2009



    Call to Order. Council Chair Ted Barrett called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. Other members present: Bernie Sage, Rodney Strong, Elaine Radzwillas, Stan Haselton, Joan Magnant, John King and Jerry Wetzel. Member absent: Peter May. Present also were Fr. David Cray and Pastoral Assistant Gary Payea. Joan led the Council in an opening prayer.


    Minutes of 9 July Council Meeting. With no corrections or additions, the Council unanimously approved the minutes of its 9 July 09 meeting.


    Furnace Update. Gary reported that Vermont Gas conducted an audit of the Rectory (size of the building for BTU requirements) on 13 August in preparation for conversion to natural gas. A heat loss audit will be conducted once the weather gets cooler. The gas line at the time of this meeting was in Hinesburg at Ballard’s Corner with good progress being made for its installation at St. Jude.


    Commission Reports:



                Joan shared a menu of events that she and Jerry had prepared that would extend the scope of the Worship Commission beyond that of celebration of the Liturgy. The Council agreed that the initiative and plan were appropriate. Fr. David advised that a “Marriage Enrichment” program (a sort of prelude to a “Marriage Encounter” weekend) had been held at St. John Vianney and that such a program could be held at St. Jude. Bernie suggested that a similar introduction to the Cursillo movement would be appropriate. Jerry opined that, based on a discussion with a parishioner, another topic, “Explore our Faith” might be added to the menu. Members endorsed this Worship Commission initiative and Fr. David volunteered to assist in the “Explore our Faith” component. ACTION Joan and Jerry: Activate the “Worship Commission Plan for Parishioner Education”.


                Joan reminded the Council that, at its July meeting, it had discussed the Papal-initiated “Year of the Priest”. She shared the Commission’s idea of a parishioner-generated Spiritual Bouquet for our Pastor. There being no dissent Joan and Jerry will organize such a bouquet over a weekend in the near future. Action Joan and Jerry: Organize and assemble a Spiritual Bouquet for Fr. David.


                Joan further observed that some parishes pray specifically for the intentions of a different Diocesan priest every day and that a week’s worth of prayer intentions are published in the parish bulletin. All agreed that this was an idea that would be well received at St. Jude. Fr. David will assemble the list of Diocesan priests for Marie to publish in the Church Bulletin along with the purpose of the list. Action Fr. David: Prepare a Bulletin note and related list for Marie.




    Social Action.

                Elaine reported that the Parish “Faith in Action” group will gather this month (now meeting every other month). Ted advised that the Senior Lunch continues to be a healthful, social gathering for all attendees still meeting the second and fourth Wednesdays every month. He also noted that the sewing project organized by Brenda Wilson and Grace Link is ongoing.


                At this point Stan reported on his questionnaire project. The Council gave its full approval of Stan’s plan and suggested that he introduce it at the end of Mass on Sunday, 4 October (also, of course, on Saturday, 3 October). Greeters are to hand the questionnaire to all Mass attendees as they enter the church and Stan will invite Mass attendees to fill out and deposit the questionnaires in a box on exiting the church. The Council agreed that it will promptly examine, evaluate and respond to the questionnaire at its October meeting.


                Stan then reported on his plan for the pilgrimage to the Divine Mercy Shrine, Stockbridge, MA, which he has organized as a spinoff of interest shown by the Parish Bible Study group. He already has 44 paying pilgrims on his 53 passenger bus, scheduled to leave St. Jude parking lot at 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday, 18 August. The Council congratulated Stan and wished him and his pilgrims a safe journey.



                John reported that the church painting project is complete. He noted that two faucets in the church are leaking. Gary has the faucet project under control.


                Fr. David advised that the Parish Finance Committee has been reconstituted with Doug Taff as Chair, and members: John King, Jane Clifford, Jim Ross, Michael New and Joe Goodrich. The Committee most recently met on 11 August and will next meet on 20 October. The Council noted the July Financial reported provided by Doug. It showed a need for attention to the financial state of the Parish, which was not a surprise. To address that situation, the Stewardship Campaign, Fr. David reported, is on track.


                Ted commented on the list of eleven “St. Jude Parish Projects” that he had shared with the members in a 27 July e-mail. Of those he highlighted the “emergency generator” project, which previously had been essentially dead for lack of attention. Ted reported that he was surprised at the quick response and interest shown by Town Fire Chief Al Barber.  Apparently Al now is concerned about the possibility of an epidemic of swine flu and has in mind the use of the St. Jude Parish Hall as an emergency facility. Al is reported to have said that grant dollars are available (whereas they previously weren’t!) to provide emergency power for the Parish Hall. Ted will keep in touch with Al on this project. ACTION Ted: Continue a dialog with Al and advise the Council what the Town has in mind in regard to the Parish Hall.


    Religious Education.

                Rodney shared and highlighted a report of Religious Education provided by Marie Cookson. It was an upbeat report indicating an expanding and vibrant religious education program at St. Jude and within the deanery. Rodney also shared a report from Maura Kelley who is heading up the Parish Teen program and publishes the Rise Up newsletter. In regard to the teen program, Rodney and Elaine had accompanied a group of twelve teens to SoulFest. All came back inspired and excited about their Faith. Council members applauded the dedication of both Marie and Maura and prayed for their continued success.


                In regard to teens and teen involvement, Ted reported that he had had a productive and helpful conversation with Fr. Donald Ravy, Pastor at Immaculate Heart of Mary in Williston, on the matter of teen membership on the Parish Council. The IHM Parish Council, Ted reported, has had two teen members for the last 15 years. The teen members are elected from the Confirmation Class and are accorded placement at the top of the Parish Council agenda. They report on teen initiatives and projects and advise the Council in teen matters. The Council agreed that such participation by St. Jude teens would be welcome. Ted advised that he would pursue this initiative with Susan Zahn of OLMC who is joining Don and Roxanne Smith in management of the St. Jude Confirmation program. In the meantime, the Parish Council needs to clearly define the role and expectations offered to those teens who might join the St. Jude Parish Council. Council members agreed that Parish teens have much to offer and that the Council should take their participation seriously. ACTION Ted: Prepare an outline of “participation and responsibility” to serve a guide for teen membership on the St. Jude Parish Council. Share that outline with Council Members prior to their September meeting to facilitate a thorough discussion and to promote agreement on this important aspect of Parish-wide involvement in Council activities.


    Grant Application for Sound System Upgrade. Joan advised that the Parish grant application is to be considered by the Oregon Catholic Press in the spring.


    Update on Endowment. Ted has been in touch with Sandy Anderson who expects to meet with her subcommittee in September.


    Roof Painting Procedure Trial.  Ted had nothing to report on this low priority project.


    Monthly Potluck Dinner. Elaine is following this project with Mary Pellegrino. No dinners are currently planned. Gary advised, in regard to local dinners, that the United Church’s kitchen is being renovated and that the United Church ladies intend to use the St. Jude facility for lunches on Fridays 11, 18 and 26 September.


    Other Old Business.


                Elaine has been following the Fund Raising effort being planned by Mary Muroski. She had nothing to report at this time.


                Gary reported that there was a good turnout for the Parish picnic. Mass attendance was 112 and about 50% stayed for the picnic. Music, as usual by John Penoyar, was much appreciated. The Council expressed its thanks to Gary and his family who managed the event and secured and erected the tent. Gary noted for the future that he had been approached by the “Wild Boomers”, a music group of the not-so-young that plays at events like our picnic for no fee. He will keep them in mind for next year’s picnic.



    New Business.


                Bernie wanted to know how to get his T-shirt contribution to Maura. He entrusted it to Elaine for that purpose.


                Rodney volunteered to lead the Council’s opening prayer in September.


    Date for the next Council meeting: Thursday, 10 September.


    Adjournment.  There being no further business, following a closing prayer, Ted declared the meeting adjourned at 8:28 p.m.



                                                                            Respectfully submitted,


                                                                            Jerry Wetzel, Secretary

                                                                            20 August 2009


    4. Parish Council Minutes-September 2009

    Minutes of St. Jude Parish Council

    10 September 2009



    Call to Order. Council Chair Ted Barrett called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. Other members present: Rodney Strong, Elaine Radzwillas, Stan Haselton, Joan Magnant, Peter May and Jerry Wetzel. Members absent: Bernie Sage and John King. Present also were Fr. David Cray and Pastoral Assistant Gary Payea. Rodney led the Council in an opening prayer.


    Minutes of 13 August Council Meeting. With no additions or corrections, the Council unanimously approved the minutes of its 13 August 2009 meeting. Jerry reminded the Council that Council minutes, once approved, are posted on the St. Jude Parish website. Ted reported that he couldn’t find minutes of previous meetings. Jerry said he would check with Marie, Parish Secretary.


    Commission Reports:



                Joan provided highlights of the Liturgy Committee meeting she attended on 2 September:

    ·        Respect Life Sunday to be observed on 4 October

    ·        Blessing of animals on 5 October

    ·        Ministers appreciation dinner on 23 October

    ·        Fall Retreat in mid-November

    ·        Interfaith Thanksgiving Service on 22 November (tentative)

    ·        Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 13-20 Jan 09 (tentative)

                In regard to the Worship Commission Plan for Parishioner Education, Joan reported that she and Mickey Wetzel had met to plan the Parish introduction to centering prayer, one of the education topics listed in the plan. She and Mickey will man a kiosk after Masses of 17-18 October and, depending on interest expressed, conduct one or more centering prayer workshops at dates to be determined.

                The Council next discussed the date for presentation of Stan’s questionnaire. It was decided that Elaine would introduce the questionnaire at the 4:30 Mass on 10 October and Stan would introduce it at the 9:30 Mass on 11 October. Since those dates had already been allocated to Elaine’s Parish “pep talk” on the matter of Faith in Action, Elaine volunteered to reschedule her address of the FIA situation at both Masses on the weekend of 3-4 October (dates originally allocated to Stan’s questionnaire).

                Jerry noted that he had been advised by Louise Voyer (prominent in the Diocese for her leadership of “Psalm 100 Singers”) that a group called “Challengers for the Catholic Faith” is promoting a gathering of Diocesan ministries on Saturday, 7 November at St. Francis of Assisi in Windsor. That third annual conference theme is “Go and make Disciples of All Nations” and had reportedly been promoted with materials sent to all Diocesan parishes. Father David had no recollection of having seen those materials. Jerry will check with Marie.




    Social Action.

                Elaine advised that, other than confirming her planned Faith in Action presentation, she had no other news to report. Ted added that his senior lunches are moderately attended but doing well. Gary advised that the United Church was scheduled to use the St. Jude Parish Hall for its sponsorship of senior lunches of 11, 18 and 25 September.



                Peter reported that he planned to organize a volunteer snow removal effort for the church roof in the next few weeks. Other than minor electrical repair around the church and rectory there was not much business. Ted advised that he intended to appeal in his 11 Sept bulletin note for volunteer help around the Parish (tasks such as washing windows, entrance sidewalk repair and general cleanup).


                Fr. David shared a brochure prepared in association with John Cunneen regarding the upcoming Stewardship Appeal. He reminded the Council that the first verbal presentation will be made by Ted on 12-13 Sept with Doug Taff (Finance Committee Chair) speaking on 19-20 Sept and Fr. himself speaking on 26-27 September.


    Religious Education.

                Rodney reported on a teacher meeting during the week of 31 August during which teachers shared ideas to make the year more meaningful and successful. He noted that Virtus training was scheduled for 30 September and a retreat on 8 November. Finally he reported that a “7th and 8th Grade Rally” was scheduled for 15 November.


    Year of the Priest Plan. Jerry advised that the plan for a spiritual bouquet for our Pastor was under development and scheduled for after the first of the year when things are not so busy.


    Prayer for Diocesan Priests. Fr. David reported that he had prepared a list of Diocesan Priests for publication in the Parish Bulletin with a note explaining the program.


    Endowment Update. Ted advised that he had not yet been in contact with Sandy Anderson on this matter.


    Teen Membership on Parish Council.

                Ted advised that he had discussed the matter with Dan Smith, Confirmation Coordinator, and that it was agreed that such membership is a good idea. The Council discussed the concept and, in particular, what the Council should expect from the teen members. In general the Council was open to hearing what the teen community’s concerns, likes and suggestions were. Further discussion of this teen participation is needed and will be entered into between Ted and Dan. ACTION TED: Hammer out a specific plan for teen participation with Dan and share it with the Council.

                The Council was in agreement that two members of the current Confirmation class should be invited to join the Council as teen members. They will be afforded first topic presence on the Council agenda and not be expected to remain for the rest of the meeting. Other teen participation as “guest” is welcome, perhaps to support the teen member if a special topic is to be presented or discussed. Fr. David advised that the same criteria were now to be applied in establishing a teen presence on the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish Council.

                Jerry expressed concern that the Council’s focus was on what the Council expected from the teen members. He suggested that there needed to be agreement as to what the teens could expect from the adult membership of the Council. In particular, he said, the Council needs to be sensitive to the teen psyche and to be especially attentive listeners, welcoming the teen input to Parish affairs. While there seemed to be general agreement, several members reminded their colleagues that there had to be some limitations as to what the teens should expect, especially in regard to financial support of proposed teen projects.


    Roof Painting. Ted reported that this project is “priority z”.


    Monthly Potluck. Elaine explained that Mary Pelligrino’s current focus is on her upcoming fashion show. Elaine will continue to gently follow this project.


    Sound System Upgrade. Joan advised to expect her next report on this project in the spring, after our grant application has been considered.


    Conversion of the Parish Hall for Emergency Use. Ted is following this project. He now is waiting to hear back from the Hinesburg Fire Chief, Al Barber. The Council expressed some concern over use of the Parish Hall in an epidemic situation.


    New Business:


                The Council sought to determine who, of Vermont Gas, the Parish is coordinating with in regard to connection of the rectory and the church to the gas line now in place on Rt. 116. The Council understood that some unknown person was to be contacting Gary. Ted agreed to coordinate with Bernie and resolve the matter.


                The Council further discussed the appropriate time and means of either removing or consuming the fuel oil currently on hand in the rectory. This matter will be addressed by Ted in his intended discussions with Bernie. ACTION Ted: Get the facts of the conversion process for Council information in October.


                Ted volunteered to lead the Council in its October opening prayer.


    Date for the next Council meeting: Thursday, 8 October 2009.


    Adjournment. There being no further business, Ted declared the meeting adjourned at 8:07 p.m.



                                                                                        Respectfully submitted

                                                                                        Jerry Wetzel, Secretary

                                                                                        11 September 2009

    5. Parish Council Minutes-October 2009

    Minutes of St. Jude Parish Council

    8 October 2009



    Call to Order. Council Chair Ted Barrett called the meeting to order at 7:12 p.m. Other members present: John King, Bernie Sage and Jerry Wetzel. Members absent: Rodney Strong, Joan Magnant, Peter May, Stan Haselton, and Elaine Radzwillas. Present also was Fr. David Cray. Ted let the Council in an opening prayer.


    Minutes of 10 September Council Meeting. With no additions or corrections, the Council unanimously approved the minutes of its 10 September 2009 meeting.


    Furnace Conversion Project Update. Ted, reporting for Pastoral Assistant Gary Payea, advised that the path for the gas line to the Church is now established. Also that the Rectory chimney has been inspected and approved for the conversion. 1000 gallons of propane have been ordered; that amount is expected to be a little more than required until the hookup to natural gas. Any excess can be returned for refund less a service charge. 15 November is the target for conversion of the church furnace to natural gas. The contractor for that conversion has not yet been selected. ACTION Bernie: identify and select the contractor for conversion of the church furnace. The Rectory furnace will be converted at no cost by Vermont Gas.


    Breakfast Report: Ted reported, per Gary, that 60-70 people had participated in the after-Mass breakfast on 4 October and that another breakfast will be served after Mass on 11 October.


    Commission Reports:



                Jerry reported that Joan and Mickey planned to man a “Centering Prayer” kiosk in the donut room after Masses later this month (24 and 25 October). He also advised that he and Joan would present a plan at the November Council meeting,to celebrate Fr. David, as part of the “Year of the Priest. ACTION:  Joan and Jerry prepare a plan for that celebration.

                The Council discussed the report of the Liturgy Committee, congratulating the Committee on the report’s comprehensiveness and forward orientation.


    Social Action.

                Ted reported that the Senior Lunch program continues to be well attended, with approximately 20 regulars. He also noted that Elaine had explained the Parish Faith in Action at both Masses over the 3-4 October weekend and that Stan was scheduled to explain and distribute his Council-approved questionnaire at Masses over the 10-11 October weekend (Elaine is to represent Stan on Saturday).



                John reported that the Parish bank account now stands at $140K with an improved projected year-end deficit of $8,000. Although it is too early to say with assurance, Fr. David advised that Stewardship Appeal early results suggest a marked improvement of that projection.

    Religious Education.

                Ted distributed Maura Kelley’s report. The Council continued to be impressed by the fine work she is doing with our Teens. Ted added that Marie Cookson’s religious education program at St. Jude continues to be well managed. Fr. David advised that, in spite of rain, the blessing of pets was a success with approximated 25-30 animals so prepared for the next 12 months.


    Action Items Status:


                Spiritual Direction Education Program. Jerry explained that he and Joan intended to follow Mickey and Joan’s “Centering Prayer” in a month or two with another of the topics on their proposed program. Bernie suggested that the Cursillo program is especially important and might be a good choice for early consideration.


                Update on Endowment. Ted explained that he has had no response from Sandy Anderson on this matter and that he intended to engage one or more other parishioners on this project. John suggested that the Finance Committee might be the appropriate Parish organization to investigate endowment opportunities. The Council agreed. ACTION Ted: pass the endowment matter to the Finance Committee.


                Teen Membership on Parish Council. Ted advised that he was scheduled to discuss the matter with the Confirmation Class on 18 October. Fr. David reported that the Parish Council at Our Lady of Mount Carmel agrees to participation of teens on its Council so Ted’s remarks can be broadened to include teens from both parishes. The Council suggested that Ted involve Maura, who is so deeply involved in the development of teen activities, in the workup of his talk with the Confirmation class.


    Priority Old Business. Parish Hall used by Town for Emergencies. Ted reported that he has not been contacted by the Town on this matter. He suggested that “the ball is in the Town Fire Chief’s court”. There was some muted opinion by the Council that, given the threat of the H1N1 virus, there was nothing being said about use of St. Jude’s facilities.


    New Business. Jerry suggested that, while it was still early, Council members should be on the lookout for interested and qualified candidates for Council membership (election is scheduled for March 2010). Bernie opined that female membership is important. John advised that he did not intend to continue his membership after the current year.


    Date for the next Council meeting: Thursday, 12 November 2009.


    Adjournment. There being no further business, following a closing prayer, Ted declared the meeting adjourned at 7:57 p.m.


                                                                                        Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                        Jerry Wetzel, Secretary

                                                                                        12 October 2009


    6. Parish Council Minutes-November 2009

    Minutes of St. Jude Parish Council

    12 November 2009



    Call to Order. Council Chair Ted Barrett called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. Other members present: John King, Bernie Sage, Peter May, Rodney Strong, Joan Magnant, and Jerry Wetzel. Member Elaine Radzwillas joined the meeting at 7:40. Member absent: Stan Haselton. Present also were Fr. David Cray and guest Ray Keller.


    Furnace conversion project update.


                Ted introduced Ray who provided a summary of bid responses for conversion of the church heating system to natural gas. The Council voted to accept Chuck’s Heating & A/C bid of $6,928. Ray advised that project start would be as soon as possible, likely within a month after the contract was signed.

                The Council discussed replacement of the stove in the Parish Hall kitchen. The Council agreed that it could be replaced (by two stoves) if the cost were not more than two times the cost of its conversion to natural gas (conversion cost to be provided by Chuck’s Heating and cost of the two stoves to be determined by Bernie).

                The Council also discussed the advantages of using a “tankless” water heater for the two Parish Hall restrooms. Ray recommended against that installation and the Council agreed.

                The Council thanked Ray for his fine work and good advice.


    Minutes of 8 October Council Meeting. Following the above report and decision Ted called for presentation of the October Council minutes. With no additions or corrections, the Council unanimously approved the minutes of its 8 October 2009 meeting.


    Presentation by Youth Representatives. Ted advised that, after seeking Confirmation Class representation on the Parish Council, no interest had been shown. The Council suggested directly approaching Confirmation Class members who might be responsive to a one-on-one invitation. It also suggested that other responsible youths in the community might be interested if invited, noting the maturity and participation of Bonnie Kelley and Allison Giroux. In any event the Council was of the opinion that it would be best if two youths were to serve simultaneously as co-representatives. ACTION Ted: follow up as appropriate.


    Commission Reports:



                 Prior to highlighting the upcoming program of the Parish Liturgy Committee Joan noted that the Liturgy Committee thought it best to refer discussion of who should be invited to the Parish Ministry Recognition Dinner to the Parish Council.  The Parish Council agreed that the current invitation list is most appropriate. Highlighted Liturgy Committee program items included the Parish retreat on the weekend of 14-15 November, the Interfaith Service gathering on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, and the 21 January 2010 Week of Prayer. Joan also advised that the Worship Commission-sponsored “Centering Prayer” has been well attended with eight participants at the first session and seven at the second. The last of three formal sessions is scheduled for 24 November.

                Jerry reported that he had attended the Vermont Catholic Conference in Windsor as a representative of Our Lady’s Blue Army. The Conference was a gathering of groups and ministries from around the State (170 attendees) and served to inform the participants of the activities of their fellow ministries. Jerry noted that, among the ministries there represented, was the Vermont Cursillo. He reminded the members that Cursillo was one of 14 items on the Worship Commission list of Topics agreed by the Council on 16 July for consideration in its Parishioner Education program. Jerry further noted that Marsha Casey had just participated in her Cursillo weekend. He and Joan were of the opinion that Marsha’s recent experience and Bernie’s enthusiasm would suggest that the Cursillo Movement might be an appropriate “kiosk” event in the near future. To that end, Bernie volunteered to organize such a kiosk.


    Social Action.

                Elaine reported that there had been no discernable response to her presentation or the Faith-in-Action program at Masses over the weekend of 3-4 October. Ted disagreed, noting that the church windows had been washed by a volunteer and that somebody had volunteered to repair the broken paving stones leading into the church. Elaine suggested that Grace be asked to send a card of thanks to those volunteers. ACTION Elaine: ask Grace to send her handmade cards to the volunteers.

                Jerry advised that Grace and Brenda had presented their sewing project at an 11 November Blue Army meeting as a way of broadening participation in their project. They were well received and signed up three project members. Elaine added that a sewing project cutting bee had assembled at St. Jude on Saturday, 7 November.

                Ted reported that the Senior Lunch Program continued with good participation and lots of fun. He advised that there will be a complete Thanksgiving dinner served on 25 November, the day before Thanksgiving, all for $3.00. If any members or friends want to join the seniors they should call Ted to make reservations.


    Stewardship. John reported that the St. Jude Stewardship campaign has been well received. The Council recognized the leadership of Fr. David in making it a success. Elaine suggested that there be periodic announcements in church of projects funded by the Parish, to “keep the parishioners informed” and to encourage their continued financial support of the Parish.


    Religious Education. Rodney reported on the wide range of programs and projects overseen by this Commission. Among those listed by Marie Cookson, Parish Director of Religious Education, in her report was the second year Confirmation Retreat on 14 November and the 7th and 8th Grade Rally on 15 November. Marie also reported that she will be doing the “12 Days of Christmas” again this year and asked for support for the program, noting that she needs more adults to pair up with the children as prayer partners. In addition Rodney advised that since his last report there had been two youth Masses and breakfasts. Overall, the program is healthy.


    Action Items:


    Parish Questionnaire Feedback. In the absence of Stan, this report was postponed until the December Council meeting. ACTION Stan: report at December meeting.


    Stewardship Campaign Results.

                 Fr. David distributed a “Weekly Campaign Summary” showing that of 417 Parish families 82 have responded with increases totaling $674.75 per week. This is considered to be a healthy and not unexpected result, bringing the Parish back into the black as far as operating costs are concerned.

                Elaine enquired as to the Endowment Fund situation. Father explained that it is on the back burner locally with some continuing interest at the Diocese. The Council, however, was of the opinion that at its October meeting it had agreed that Ted should pass the endowment matter to the Finance Committee (see the October minutes). Fr. David advised that there was no such thing as a Parish Finance Committee but rather a Parish Finance Council (required by Canon Law) and that such Council was not the appropriate organization to oversee an ongoing Endowment Fund program. Given the situation, the Parish Council decided to “sit on the Endowment Project” for the time being.


    “Year of the Priest” Plan. Jerry reported that he and Joan are proposing that a Spiritual Bouquet be assembled as a gift to Fr. David in celebration of his Priesthood. After some brief remarks by Jerry after Masses on 16 and 17 January, parishioners would be given the opportunity to write, on a card provided, those prayers or acts of mortification to be sent heavenward in thanksgiving for Fr. David. Such cards would later be presented to Fr. David as a celebration of his Priesthood. The Council agreed with that plan; Fr. David did not object. He noted, as a matter of interest, that the Diocese is in the early stages of preparing a similar Diocesan-wide spiritual bouquet for Bishop Matano. The Council noted that plan but decided to proceed with the St. Jude plan honoring Fr. David’s Priesthood.


    New Business:


    Planet Aid Update. In follow up of the October discussion of this charity and the yellow collection container placed near the St. Jude Parish parking lot, Fr. David reported that he had done some research. According to Planet Aid’s website, 6% of the organization’s income is applied to charitable causes. Council members were disappointed in this result but recalled that the Parish had entered into a 12 month contract with the organization to allow placement of the container on Parish property. All, including Fr. David, felt a principle was involved, where parishioners were led to believe that their contributions to the organization were of greater benefit to those in need. Fr. David advised that he intended to write to Planet Aid expressing the concerns of the Council. ACTION Fr. David: express Council concerns to Planet Aid.


    Parish Chicken Dinner. Bernie opined that a Parish Chicken Dinner would be a successful fund raiser, citing the success of such dinners in other parishes. The Council took Bernie’s suggestion under advisement. ACTION Bernie: look into the project and provide specifics of such a dinner at the Council’s November meeting.


    Next Parish Council Meeting: Thursday, 10 December. Elaine volunteered to lead the opening prayer.


    Adjournment. There being no further business, following a closing prayer, Ted declared the meeting adjourned at 7:57 p.m.


                                                                            Respectfully submitted,


                                                                            Jerry Wetzel, Secretary

                                                                            20 November 2009


    Council approved with corrections, 10 December 2009.



    7. Parish Council Minutes-December 2009

    Minutes of St. Jude Parish Council

    10 December 2009



    Call to Order. Council Chair Ted Barrett called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. Other members present: Bernie Sage, Joan Magnant, Elaine Radszwillas, Jerry Wetzel, John King, Stan Haselton. Members absent: Peter May and Rodney Strong. Present also were Fr. David, Pastoral Assistant Gary Payea and Teen Representative Allison Giroux. Elaine led the Council in an opening prayer.


    Minutes of 12 November Council Meeting. Ted called for consideration of the November Council minutes. Two changes were noted and made. Given those corrections the Council unanimously approved the minutes. Jerry advised that he would pass the corrected minutes to Parish Secretary Marie Cookson for publication on the Parish website.


    Furnace Conversion Project Update.

                Expecting the late arrival of two other Teen Representatives, Ted modified the agenda to address this topic before giving the meeting floor to the Teen Representatives.

                Bernie reported that he had located a used commercial stove that would be a satisfactory replacement for the domestic stove currently in the Parish Hall kitchen. It has a large griddle area and four burners. Price is $500. Gary opined that this stove is a good fit and that it will save on electricity due to its griddle surface (electric griddles are used for parish breakfasts). The Council approved the purchase of the new stove.

                On the matter of breakfasts, Gary reported that the 5 December breakfast had contributed in excess of $1300 to the Furnace Conversion Fund ($405 attendees, $400 donations, $500 St. John Baptist contribution).

                Bernie advised that Ray Keller (conversion consultant) will soon present the conversion contract for signature approval. He noted that the contract had had to be rebid due to the larger gas line associated with the new stove. The Council approved this contract modification, expecting a bid of approximately $8500 from Chuck’s Heating and A/C.


    Teen Parish Council Representative Report.

                Given that other teen representatives had not yet arrived, Ted invited Allison to address her new colleagues on the Council. He noted that the Council had decided to invite teen membership to hopefully promote teen involvement in Parish affairs. Allison rose to the challenge, suggesting two areas where teens might be involved and, by their involvement, contribute to the overall participation of parishioners. She presented two programs for Council consideration: Sponsor a Child as a part of World Vision, a Christian outreach organization Parish teens were familiar with due to their Soul Fest experience, and Establish an Account with Heifer International, an international program that reaches out to world-wide hunger.

                The Council was most attracted to the World Vision project. Sponsorship would cost $35 per month. Parish teens would conduct fundraising activities, such as bake sales, that would attract the Parish in general. Ted advised that the Council would support advertising in the Parish Bulletin and by announcements at Mass. The Council expressed enthusiasm for this program and voted unanimously to accept Allison’s idea. Fr. David opined that the teen group involved in making the project go might want a name for itself. ACTION Allison: if you desire, share your group’s name with the Council at its January meeting.

                Jerry noted, for Council information, that Allison is active in another Parish program – education and training of our altar servers. Several Council members advised that they had noted an improvement in the attitude, appearance and knowledge of the altar servers and congratulated Allison on her ongoing success in that endeavor.


    Commission Reports:



                Joan, who is a member of the Peggy Cioffi’s Liturgy Committee, advised that there have been and are many opportunities for parishioners to participate in Parish-sponsored liturgical activities. She noted in particular: lighting of the Advent wreath, gathering on 21 January in support of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, participation in the Christmas Pageant (organized again by Elaine), and opportunities to serve as Lectors during the Christmas season.

                Joan advised that the Liturgy Committee was seeking Council advice in regard to Lenten activities. Elaine suggested a mailing to solicit ideas. She questioned the conduct of weekly Stations of the Cross. After some discussion, the Council agreed that Lenten activities should be essentially spiritual, even if lightly attended.  The Council felt that Bernie’s plan to introduce the Parish to the Cursillo movement in January at an after-Mass kiosk was in keeping with the Lenten theme. The Council expressed its appreciation to Peggy for a comprehensive program and for her capable leadership of the Liturgy Committee.


    Social Action.

                Elaine reported that she was aware of no significant activity in this area. Stan, however, had led a successful and informative Parish questionnaire effort and summarized the response for the information of the Council. One of the topics addressed the silencing of St. Jude’s church bells. Ted agreed to investigate the situation and report back to the Council. ACTION Ted: investigate the silencing of the church bells and suggest appropriate action. The Council commissioned Stan to briefly share the survey results and Council’s response with the Parish at Saturday and Sunday Masses, principally so that parishioners could know that the Council was interested and intended to respond to their interests and suggestions. ACTION Stan: share your analysis with parishioners.

                Ted advised that there had been an accounting error in payment for the biweekly senior meals. The Parish will be reimbursed within the next week.

                Elaine reminded the Council that Grace Link-generated thank you cards are much appreciated by their recipients and suggested the many volunteers, such as the breakfast servers, be sent a card of thanks. The Council agreed. ACTION Elaine: provide Grace with the names of volunteers deserving of thanks and recognition.


    Stewardship. John shared the financial reports generated by Doug Taff, Chair of the Parish Finance Council. The Council was pleased with the trends and general financial health of the Parish. It suggested that occasional reminders in the Parish Bulletin and from the pulpit would be important to keep the parishioners alert to the essential nature of their continued financial support. Council members noted that several local parishes are promoting Direct Deposit and Credit Card donation programs. Fr. David volunteered to investigate the opportunity and process at St. Jude. ACTION Fr. David: investigate as appropriate and report results to the Council in January 2010.

    Religious Education. Fr. David reported for Rodney. The highlight of Religious Education Coordinator Marie Cookson’s report (as assembled by Rodney) was that 140 7th and 8th graders attended the 15 November rally at St. Jude’s. Seven priests were hearing confessions and nearly all the children took advantage of that opportunity for reconciliation. The Council applauded Marie’s program and the hard work of those involved in the religious education of our children.


    Action Item Status.


                Stewardship Campaign Update.  Fr. David indorsed Doug’s financial analysis and opined that the campaign was successful. He agreed to maintain an awareness of the need for fiscal health in his communications with the Parish.


                Planet Aid Update. Fr. David advised that he had not yet written the letter expressing Council displeasure with the yellow container on Church grounds and advising Planet Aid that St. Jude did not intend to renew the contract it previously had entered into. He explained he intended to write the letter during the next week.


    Next Parish Council Meeting: Thursday, 14 January 2010. Joan volunteered to lead the opening prayer.


    Adjournment: There being no further business, following a closing prayer, Ted declared the meeting adjourned at 8:29 p.m.


                                                                            Respectfully submitted,


                                                                            Jerry Wetzel, Secretary

                                                                            14 December 2009




    8. Parish Council Minutes-January 2010


    January 14, 2010



    Call To Order:  Chairman Ted Barrett called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.  Members present:  Rodney Strong, Peter May, John King, Elaine Radszwillas, Joan Magnant.  Members absent:  Bernie Sage, Stan Haselton, Jerry Wetzel and Teen Representative Allison Giroux.  Present also were Fr. David and Pastoral Assistant Gary Payea.  Joan led the Council in the opening prayer.


    Minutes of 10 December Council Meeting:   The minutes of the December meeting were approved with no omissions or corrections.  Joan will pass these minutes to Marie Cookson to update the Parish website.


    Furnace Conversion Update:  Gary reported on the status of the Rectory conversion which, unfortunately, has not gone smoothly.  When Vt. Gas employees arrived, they determined that there were a number of areas of leaks: around pipes going into the chimney and also between the boiler sections where the packing has deteriorated.  Fortunately, there is a good draft in the chimney and most of the fumes are being eliminated this way.  Gary has purchased and installed two CO detectors, neither of which have sounded an alarm.  At this point, the rectory is still on oil and the tank was filed today.

         There was much discussion around the next steps to be taken to make the rectory safe and to determine what would be our best option going forward.  If the boiler is replaced with a steam unit, many of the current radiators do not work well and the heat is uneven.  Baseboard hot water heat would necessitate re-piping to the baseboards and each room would have a thermostat.  This would be more expensive, but might be more cost-effective in the long run.  Gary is confidant that he can keep the furnace running until next fall.  At that time, we will need to change out the furnace ahead of the next heating season.  The suggestion was made to involve Ray Keller in the assessment.

    Action:  Gary will talk with Ray Keller and Bernie to come up with some estimates for the needed update to the rectory system (radiators, piping, etc.).  They will determine how best to address the safety issue in the short term.

         Father David reported that the Church conversion is complete and will pay for itself in short order.  The new/used kitchen stove is installed and is working well, as evidenced by the ease of serving the last pancake breakfast.  Blodgett had notified us that the convection oven had to be interlocked with the fan system so that both would come on concurrently.  This work is nearly completed.  Both of the old stoves have been removed and the person removing them has agreed to make a donation to the parish.


     Commission Reports:


    Worship:     Joan reported on the upcoming Prayer Service for the Week of Christian Unity.  This will take place on Thursday, January 21 at 7:00 PM at St. Jude’s.  The United Church will join with us for this event.  An offering taken that evening will be given to the Hinesburg Food Shelf.  Refreshments and time for socializing will take place after the service.

         Ash Wednesday is February 17; Mass will be at 7:00 PM at St. Jude’s.  Some Lenten activities will include:  Fish and Chip Dinners on Fridays followed by Stations of the Cross, an evening to introduce Spiritual Direction to interested persons on March 8 and a return visit from Don Messier and the Shroud of Turin March 19 – 26. 


    Social Action:     Elaine noted that there was to be a meeting of this group on January 20.  Ted reported the largest turnout to date for the last Senior Lunch, with over 20 people

    in attendance.

         Ted suggested that we consider linking the parish web site to job sites, with the idea that it might increase church attendance overall, as well as providing a needed service.  Action:  Ted will follow up to determine if the linking of these two sites would be worthwhile.  It might also serve as a “hook” to get people to our site.


    Stewardship:     John passed out reports from the Finance Council.  It was reported that income is up strongly and we are still ahead of budget.  However, as discussed by the Council, the new furnace situation will have an impact on this information.  Ted recommended that we fix what is immediately necessary and then go slowly in determining the next steps.


    Religious Education:     Rodney had no specific news to report.  There was a written newsletter from Maura Kelly regarding teen activities.  There will be a teen dance on the 16th.   Some of the young folks are planning to make the pro-life trip to Washington, DC.  The Council acknowledged the good work Maura is doing with the teen group, the newsletter, etc.

         Some discussion followed around the difficulty of finding volunteers to join Allison Giroux as Teen Representative to the Council.  There is a lot of pressure on Allison as the sole representative.  Elaine suggested that Allison only needs to be present at the Council meetings when/if she has something to report.  Also, we could announce in the bulletin that Allison is the Teen Rep and, with her permission, post her e-mail so that other teens can contact her with issues.  Action:  Ted will contact Allison regarding the publishing of her e-mail address, as well as the frequency of her attendance at meetings.  If there is no further obvious interest in Teen Representation, it was the consensus of the Council that we will end this endeavor.


    Action Items Status:


    Direct Deposit Update:   Father David updated the Council on the status of Direct Deposit.  The paperwork has been sent in and we are simply waiting for the company/bank to get the necessary materials to us for distribution.


    Planet Aid Update:    Father David stated that he wrote a letter to Planet Aid expressing our displeasure with its business practices and stating that we would like the yellow box removed from St. Jude’s property.  Planet Aid responded that the box would be removed in the first week of January.  The box is still in place at this time, but Father David is hopeful that Planet Aid will honor their agreement.


    Old Business:   None


    New Business:     Some discussion evolved around the upcoming Council elections, to be held in March.  The terms of three Council members are up in 2010:  Jerry Wetzel, John King and Elaine Radszwillas.  John will not run again and Elaine will run for another term.  Action:  Ted will contact Jerry to learn whether Jerry plans to run for another term.  Also, Ted will contact Marie to place the appropriate announcement in the bulletin.


    Next Meeting:     Thursday, February 11, 2010


    Adjournment:    With all business concluded, a closing prayer was offered and the meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:00 PM.


    Respectfully Submitted,


    Joan Magnant

    18 January, 2010




    9. Parish Council Minutes-February 2010


    February 11, 2010 


    Call To Order:  Ted Barrett, Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.  Members present were:  Jerry Wetzel, Stan Haselton, Rodney Strong, Elaine Radszwillas, Peter May, Bernie Sage and Joan Magnant.  Also present were Fr. David Cray, Pastoral Assistant Gary Payea and Ray Keller.


    Furnace Conversion Project Update:   Ray Keller presented a list of bid responses which, to date, included one bid from C&L Plumbing.  Another bid from Ryan Plumbing and Heating was deemed incomplete and would need to be re-worked to provide more accurate specifications for the entire project.  Repair costs include the boiler, controls, piping, replacement of radiators (currently 17) and thermostats.  Members of the Council utilized Ray’s expertise to assess the relative efficiencies of steam vs. hot water heat.  After lengthy discussion, the Council voted unanimously to convert to  hot water heat as the more efficient method.  Ray had some examples of boilers and stressed that it will be important to have local warranty ownership of the system.  With the decision made to move to hot water heat, Ray will move forward with the bid process and work to firm up the bids.  We will require three well-specified bids to submit to the Diocese for approval of this project.


    Minutes of January Council Meeting:  The minutes of the January meeting were approved with no corrections or omissions.


    Teen Council Representative Update:   Ted has been in discussions with Allison Giroux and Marie Cookson regarding the potential for setting up and e-mail address for use by teens.  They could use this source to contact Allison with any concerns they would like brought by her to the Council.  However, Father David cautioned that we needed to consider the potential liability of having a blog/chat room under the auspices of the church and that activity in this direction should proceed with much caution.


    Parish Council Elections:   Elections will be held on the weekend of February 27-28, 2010.  Current members who have opted not to run again are Jerry Wetzel and John King.  Father David said that we have seven candidates who have agreed to have their names placed in nomination for the Council openings:  Elaine Radszwillas, Judy Maculan, Stephanie Buzzell, Steve Cote, Dan Smith, Doug Taff and Maura Kelly.


    Commission Reports:


    Worship:   Joan reviewed the Prayer Service for the Week of Christian Unity held on January 21, 2010.  There were ten people present from St. Jude and three people from the United Church.  Most of those present were involved in the service itself.  Due to the small turnout, it was decided that we would not hold this event again as there does not seem to be enough interest.  Both Pastor Bill Neil and Father David were in agreement regarding this decision.


    Our Lenten theme this year will be “Where My Father Lives”.  Some events taking place during Lent will be the Stations of the Cross on Fridays, following a fish & chips dinner, a presentation on Spiritual Direction on March 8th and the return of the Shroud of Turin and a talk by Don Messier on March 22nd. 


    Social Action:   Ted reported that Senior Meals are increasing in numbers of attendees.  The next meal on March 10th will include a speaker for the Champlain Valley Agency on Aging to talk about Medicare.

    Elaine presented the FIA plan for Lenten activities.  There will be three segments of two weeks, each with a different focus.  Weeks 1-2 will focus on hunger, with parishioners filling a brown bag with three meals worth of non-perishable food items.  Weeks 3-4 will focus on the imprisoned and materials to be collected will include educational materials and personal items (from a list).  Weeks 5-6 will celebrate life and we will be asked to provide baby items, particularly for newborns.  The Care Net bottles were passed out and will be collected during Holy Week.

    Stan reviewed the Parish Questionnaire and will present the findings to the parish on the weekend of Feb. 27-28, 2010.


    Stewardship:   There was no financial report this month.  Peter reported he had removed snow from the church roof.  He also is working on several electrical projects with Gary.


    Religious Education:  A written report from Marie Cookson stated that Scout Sunday was a success.  Many food items were collected, along with $100, to be donated to the Hinesburg Food Shelf.  Immediate upcoming events include the Shroud of Turin presentation on March 22nd, open to everyone and the Confirmation Retreat scheduled for March 27th.


    Direct Deposit Update:  Father David stated that we are still awaiting the materials to initiate Direct Deposit.  He mentioned another company and, if we cannot get any action from our current contact, we will consider switching to this second company.  Father also reported that we are in the process of having our records synchronized with the Diocese, which will facilitate the movement of parish records, family information and financial reports between the parish and the Diocese.


    Old Business:  Ted has researched the situation of the bells of St. Jude’s.  Our system is apparently rather elaborate and Ted and Steve Aube are willing to check out the system this spring.  However, Father David cautioned the Council that the ringing of the bells had been stopped because of complaints from neighbors and that we should consider those complaints as valid.  Bernie stated that, if there were objections to the ringing of the bells, we should not expend a large amount of time and energy in any repair of the system.  The Council agreed.

    The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM following a closing prayer.


    Respectfully Submitted,


    Joan Magnant

    10. Parish Council Minutes-March 2010

    Minutes of St. Jude Parish Council

    11 March 2010




    Meeting Convened.  Council Chair Ted Barrett convened the meeting at 7:10 p.m. Other members present: Joan Magnant, Stan Haselton, Peter May, Rodney Strong and Jerry Wetzel. Members absent: Bernie Sage, John King and Elaine Radzwillas. Present also were Fr. David, Pastoral Assistant Gary Payea, consultant Ray Keller, and newly elected Council members: Dan Smith, Maura Kelley and Doug Taff.


    Furnace Conversion Project Update.


                After introducing the newly elected members and thanking those whose terms had expired, Ted invited Ray to present the latest facts and his analysis of the situation in regard to the conversion of the Rectory heating system (the Council had previously decided on a course of action to convert the Church heating system to natural gas).  Parishioner Ray Keller obtained 3 quotes to replace the entire heating system in St Jude's rectory.

     After careful consideration the parish council of St Jude's in Hinesburg,Vt has unanimously resolved to go with Ryan Plumbing and Heating of Vergennes to install a new gas boiler for our rectory. This company was close to the cheapest quote, the company is known to be reputable and they did the present heating system for the St Jude's church when it was built approximately 20 years ago.

                Related to this principal decision the Council instructed Ray to invite Ryan to prepare a separate proposal for the removal of the old heating system, leaving in place that part of the old system that did not have to be removed.


                Ray invited a discussion of timing of the conversion. The Council suggested 1 June as an appropriate starting date.


                The Council expressed its appreciation to Ray for the fine job of guiding the Parish through the complex matter of this conversion process.



    Minutes of 11 February Council Meeting. Following Ray’s presentation and the related Council decision, Rodney led the Council in an opening prayer. Ted then called for consideration of the February 2010 Council Minutes. The Council unanimously approved those Minutes (prepared by Joan) without addition or correction. Jerry will pass the February Minutes to Parish Secretary Marie Cookson for publication on the Parish website.


    Election of Council Leadership. Ted reminded the Council that it had to elect its leadership team for the current year. Joan nominated Ted who, on a voice vote, was unanimously approved to serve as Council Chair. Rodney nominated Joan who, on a voice vote, was unanimously approved to serve as Council Vice-Chair. Dan nominated Rodney who, on a voice vote, was unanimously approved to serve as Council Secretary.


    Prior to Jerry leaving his post and the balance of the meeting he had passed out to the newly elected council members (Maura, Dan, and Doug ) the parish council goals and by-laws. Jerry than handed over the minute taking responsibility to Rodney and left the meeting.



    Commission Assignments Ted opened up discussion on filling the new commission vacancies. Council unanimously assigned the following:


    Doug Taff- Finance Commission

    Maura Kelley- Worship Commission

    Dan Smith- Social Action Commission


    Ted opened up discussion on his latest idea to reach parishioners- possible 2 step approach


    1)      Column on the parish website for possible “opt in blog” attempt to get dialogue established within the parish.

    2)      The new Parish Soft software feature that will be in place AprilMay timeframe will force the parish to register all parishioners in database. We can collect emails and enable parishioners to “opt in” to weekly bulletins, news letters, etc. Maura, Doug held lively discussions and brainstorming ideas on how to utilize the website.   Ted expressed Father David’s concern on keeping the current parish website pure. General consensus of the council was caution to be utilized when using the internet to reach parishioners.


    Commission Reports :




    Joan reported on the attendance improvement at the Stations of The Cross this Lenten season, average of 25-30 attendees. Joan also mentioned that the sign up sheet for Holy Week ministries were at the back of the church for sign up.


    Also reported was the annual Memorial Day Service on 5/31 was confirmed to take place. The details are being worked out but now we know it will include the scouts and possibly music as well. A discussion took place regarding other area churches that haven‘t participated in the past even though Father David has invited them. Father David emphasized St Jude will be holding the Memorial Day Celebration and other local churches will be invited. It was acknowledged within the parish council group that the interfaith interactions have not been that strong to date. Maura Kelly expressed an interest in working in those ecumenical aspects in the community.

    This year’s confirmation will take place on 5/17 at St. Mike’s College.


    Joan also reported that the Spiritual Direction Program that took place on March 8th at the church was relatively successful 11 people had attended. The program was held on CCD (Monday) night to allow parents of CCD students to attend and hopefully boost attendance. It was discussed that even though a great idea to hold special events on CCD night – it still did not really do much to boost attendance.


    Ted had brought up that he had always thought a Gospel mass would be a great idea and there was some discussion regarding possible groups who could do a Catholic Gospel mass. There was mention of a possible group within St Mike’s.  Even though all thought a great idea there was not a positive feeling on how successful this would be and how it could be pulled off.


    Maura had brought up that she had been working with Deacon Ivan Hawke in getting the next “Teen Mass” going. Maura reported that there is interest from a group from Colchester – The Redemption Band that would work with us. Maura is working on possible dates for this event.


    Father David had mentioned that St Jude’s did not win the Oregon Parish Grant that Joan worked on previously. Joan was thanked for her efforts and all agreed that St Jude’s will attempt again in 2011. Father David had brought the Rejection letter to the council meeting and will be attached with the minutes.


    Social Action:


    Ted reported that Gloria Byrd gets a ride from Hinesburg Rides to the Senior lunches. The Sr. lunches are still proving a successful social action program.


    Father David had reported that the Habitat Humanity program is looking for liaison between St. Jude and other local churches to participate in this exciting popular service program. There will be a speaker at the 3/20 – 4:30 mass and 4/11- 9:30 mass


    It was reported that Stan did a great job on the altar at the previous weekend masses presenting feedback on the survey that he had put together.


    Stan mentioned that the Social Action group will be going forward on the spaghetti dinners this year- possibly 4 x year. Stan and Bernie will be heading this up.


    Dan had brought up a couple of great ideas including BBQ night and an Outdoor Movie night.


    Joan brought up the success of the Lenten Family service programs that Elaine had initiated this year. The parish has shown nice participation in these programs thus far. It was all agreed that Elaine had done a spectacular job in putting together these programs.


    Finance :


    Doug had reported that the parish seems to be in good financial shape and the presented graph illustrated as such. Father David had commented that with the aid of the new parish software the first statement of how good we are actually doing with the parish increase in offertory will be presented to parishioners after March 31st and will continue to be presented on a quarterly basis.


    Peter reported that he had worked on and completed some small electrical projects in the church. Peter had mentioned that parishioner Frank Provost had submitted a proposal for some more serious electrical work to be done in the kitchen.


    Ted and Stan had brought up the parking lot and the use of stone to decrease mudding and pothole problems. Father David had mentioned that he had seen some “recycled asphalt” in Ferrisburgh and was impressed with it. It was discussed that maybe St. Jude’s could look into using this resource for its parking lot. Stan to check out with Pike, etc.???


    Religious Education:


    Rodney reported on the report that Marie had submitted.


    3rd Grade Youth Mass and Pancake Breakfast to be held on 314


    Shroud of Turin presentation to the CCD classes and parents to be held on 3/22


    1st Confirmation retreat to be held on 3/27 includes St Jude’s, OLMC, Holy Rosary, & St Catherine’s.


    The Middle School Youth rally will be held again at St Jude’s on11/14 – more info coming in the upcoming months


    1st Communion to be held on May 9th (12 kids)


    Confirmation held on 5/17 at St Mike’s with ( 20 kids – 13 from St Jude’s )



    Father David brought to the meeting a pamphlet containing the Respect for Life Services Bureau. It is a listing of topics and speakers and contact information. Maura is in possession of this pamphlet.


    Father David had reported that the Direct Deposit project should be ready and available to use in the next couple of weeks.


    Maura had presented a report on the Teen Rise Up group and focus. SEE REPORT ATTACHED

    Maura had mentioned if she had a “wish list” she would like a large vanus to transport teens to events. It was also discussed that this vehicle could also be available for other parish pilgrimages etc. Dan brought up possible diocesan vehicle may be available for the parish to use. It was discussed that renting a bus as we have done in the past for Soulfest is expensive.

     (approximately $ 800.00 last year).Father David had mentioned that currently the Diocesan Youth Ministry is being reorganized and maybe we should discuss with that group.


    No additional OLD Business to discuss

    No additional NEW Business to discuss


    Father mentioned that $ 100.00 will be donated from the parish in the name of the past council members in honor of their fine service.


    Next Meeting: Thursday April 8, 2010


    Adjournment: With all business concluded, Ted offered the closing prayer and the meeting was adjourned before 9:00 PM.


    Respectfully Submitted,


    Rodney Strong

    March 21, 2010

    11. Parish Council Minutes-April 2010

                    Minutes of Saint Jude Parish Council

                                                                 April 8, 2010



    Call to Order:  Council Chair Ted Barrett called the meeting to order at 7:08 p.m. Members present were: Dan Smith, Maura Kelley, Joan Magnant, Rodney Strong, Bernie Sage, Peter May. Also present were: Fr. David and Gary Payea and Ray Keller.


    Opening Prayer – Ted Barrett led the Council in  the Opening Prayer.


    Update on Furnace Conversion project:  Parishioner Ray Keller gave Council the update on the project to date.


    1. Insulation complete on the rectory- 27 % insulation filtration
    2. Mechanical Work- Ray to draft “Scope of work” contract for Ryan HeatingPlumbing. Ted to review the draft prior to sending to Ryan
    3. Ray K to get updated cost of Asbestos abatement and Radiator placement and confirm there will be 4 zones
    4. Should learn if we receive Diocesan Approval for the project on 413
    5. Stove – in the kitchen Gary says wait for gas guy to come and the need for some sheet metal work for aesthetic value of the stove


    March Minutes: Council unanimously approved the Minutes of the March meeting with the only change of correcting spelling of Doug Taft to Taff and mention of highlighting all action items.


    Parish Council Commission Responsibilities- Ted suggests some changes in commission responsibilities. Council unanimously agreed that it makes sense for Bernie Sage to join Social Action and Dan Smith to join Religious Education commission. Fr. David mentioned he would provide us a copy of the Diocese Parish membership, structure and leadership document.


    Commission Reports:


    WORSHIP- Joan reported Lenten Stations of the Cross were successful as well as Shroud of Turin program. Holy Week Review- Mass attendance down a bit from last year both Masses Easter Vigil as well as Easter Sunday. Palm Sunday was up. No one could offer a valid explanation.


    Memorial Day Prayer service scheduled for 5/31. Peggy Cioffi to send info to other neighboring churches to try to get their participation. Michelle Keller to talk to other folks about providing music. John Penoyar, Michelle Keller and Mrs. Case will be providing music for sure for that celebration. Fr. David to write letter to pastors of the Alliance and United to extend invitation to the celebration.


    Bernie Sage to talk to Mrs. Jeffers of the N.E Kingdom to talk to parish about Cursillo program.



    Ted mentioned that a parishioner suggested use of hand sanitizer for the Eucharistic Ministers. An unscented hand sanitizer will be made available right away. Gary P to check at SWISH supply store for type sanitizer and appropriate dispenser.


    Maura Kelley reported that Ivan Hawke presentation to about 19 kids was successful. Maura had invited the other parishes in the deanery plus 2 other area churches to participate in the program.


    Dan Smith suggested parents should be invited next time to get them on board as well.


    Maura and her daughter Bonnie will be promoting Pro Life Solidarity on 10/9 to raise awareness for Respect Life.


    Maura offered up an idea of staring a prayer to post our prayers similar to what is at St John Vianney as well as Soul Fest. All agreed it was an excellent idea and suggested it be set up on the right side of the wall prior to entering Church. Maura to put this together


    Maura received name from Ivan Hawke of a friend that runs the Spectrum program. Maura to write a letter to this contact about reaching out with Bibles for Teens Program.


    Maura also reviewed last months discussion about Redemption Band presenting at the Deanery Teen Mass scheduled for some time in June. Also discussed a possible Movie “ To Save  A Life” scheduled for a June release. Fr David to review and approve 1st.


    Maura to work on possible dates for Teen Mass.


    1st Youth Rally meeting set for 4/16.



    SOCIAL ACTION – Senior Lunches still going successfully. Noted that it seems to be even attracting some non-Catholics


    Baby Bottle Campaign-appears to be successful again- actual count doesn’t happen until around Father’s Day.


    August Church Barbeque tentatively set for 8/7.


    Bible study group thinking of another pilgrimage to Saint Anne. Bernie Sage to get verbage to Marie for promoting in the bulletin


    FINANCE- Doug sent report in and shows that we are 13% ahead of budget and collections have increased 23.5 % since the start of stewardship campaign. Fr David suggests we publish the graph of financial summary that Doug provides in the bulletin.

    Fr David to do letter end of each quarter to all participants as a report card of how we are doing and gentle reminder that we need to continue with commitments made.


    RELIGIOUS EDUCATION- Rodney presented Marie Cookson’s report that she emailed (attached)


    Dan Smith mentioned that he will need some teacher Aids for both 9th&10th grade confirmation classes next year. Maura mentioned that she could help.


    Council all agreed that Dan and Roxanne Smith do an awesome job with the confirmation classes and we are lucky to have them.


    Dan Smith also suggested “Liturgy of The Word for Children” A program which separates the children from the adults during the Liturgy of the Word portion of the Mass. Each group gets the Liturgy tailored to age group. Dan suggests trying 1 x month.  Dan to present and possible talk about starting off next month.


    Ted suggests next month meeting we review council goals.


    Fr. David reported that direct deposit is ready to take effect. Letters to go out on 4/12.

    Council meeting set for 5/12 ( Wednesday) because of the Feast of the Ascension.



    Maura handed out newest issue of newsletter


    Bernie Sage offered up Closing Prayer.


    Meeting adjourned @ 8:19


    Respectfully Submitted,


    Rodney Strong


    Religious Ed Report

    The 1st Year Confirmation Retreat was a huge success.  We had 53 students attend.  This included students from St. Jude, OLMC, St. Catherine, Holy Rosary in RIchmond, St. John Vianney, and St. Peter's in Vergennes.  Dave once again did an awesome job with the kids.  Approximately 45 kids stayed for Mass that evening and processed in with Father for Palm Sunday.
    The 7th & 8th Grade Rally has been set for Sunday, November 14th.  The original committee members will be meeting with the Dorothy Barewicz from the Diocese on Friday, April 16th to work on this year's Rally.  The Diocese has already done much of the work for this year's Rally.
    I have done an informal questionnaire of the teachers and aides to see who is planning on coming back in the fall.  As of now, I am looking for 2 people for Kindergarten; 2 people for 3rd or 4th grade (depending on which grade the Strongs decide to do), 1 person (aide) for grade 5 and 1 person (teacher) for grade 6.  I will begin contacting people to get these positions filled by mid-summer.
    The Shroud of Turin presentation was a huge hit with the students and parents.  We had approximately 110 people attend.  Many of the parents stayed with their children.  I know we have tried to do presentations during the CCD classes with low attendance.  In seeing the response to this presentation I think it may be that we need to offer things that will appeal to "families", not just the parents.  I have a few resources that I will check out to get parents more involved.
    I have been working with Habitat for the past few months.  One of the aspects of this project is getting kids involved in helping out.  I have met with representatives from Habitat and will be incorporating a few of these ideas into the curriculum for next year for all grade levels.
    The last Youth Mass will be held on Sunday, April 18th.  This will include the Kindergarten, 1st and 8th grades doing the ministries.  Thank you to Rodney and Marielle Strong for being on hand for these Masses.   Thank you to Gary and all those who have helped throughout the year on the Pancake Breakfasts. 
    Our last class for this school year is April 19th.  We will end with an Ice Cream Party for the kids. 
    1st Communion will be Sunday, May 9th.
    Confirmation will be Monday, May 17th at St. Michael's College.
    Thank you,



    12. Parish Council Minutes-May 2010

    Minutes of Saint Jude Parish Council

                                                                 May 13, 2010



    Call to Order:  Council Chair Ted Barrett called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Members present were: Dan Smith, Joan Magnant, Rodney Strong, Bernie Sage, Stan Hazelton, Doug Taff and Peter May. Also present were: Fr. David and Gary Payea


     – Ted Barrett led the Council in the Opening Prayer.


    April Minutes: Council unanimously approved the Minutes of the April meeting with the only change of correcting spelling of John Penoyar.


    Update on Furnace Conversion project:  Ted reported for Ray Keller that Ray is continuing to finalize the project - there are some issues with the asbestos abatement process, but there are already 3 radiators removed. Father David mentioned that the Bishop’s office was asking for an estimated time of completion of the project. Ted estimated around July with the asbestos abatement delays.


    Update On Kitchen Stove: Bernie and Gary reported that the new kitchen stove is complete and working properly with the exception of one of the grills controls are backwards. Council agreed to spend more money on it to get the control to work properly, safely and look more aesthetic.


    Commission Reports:


    WORSHIP- Ted reported for Maura that the prayer wall is up in the church and that Teen mass dates are being worked out


    Joan reported that Memorial Day Prayer service scheduled for 5/31 is going as planned. Peggy, Marie & Joan will weed the flower beds, other area churches were invited. Father David did write invitation to local churches and will follow up with a phone call.


    Gary reported that the new hand sanitizer is at the alter and available for use. Gary will make sure a note is on the Eucharistic Minister schedule to remind to use hand sanitizer. Father David will remind Marie to include a note on the upcoming schedules.


    SOCIAL ACTION – Bernie reports that a tentative date for St Anne De Beaupre pilgrimage is set for 6/27 as a day trip. A 12 passenger van is available for $ 50-60 plus gas. Bernie to remind Marie to publish in the bulletin to advertise the event.


    Bernie also reported that he did talk with someone regarding the Cursillo program and that someone will come to St Jude to do 5-10 minute talk at the masses to promote and educate. All agreed that the end of August, early September is best time for this to happen.


    STEWARDSHIP – Doug reported that there appears to be a drop in income compared to last year. After discussion it seems that due to school vacations and the way that the seasonal contributors are giving it may be skewing the report a bit. All agreed that we need to keep a close eye on the trend in the next few months. Doug stated that Marie now has software available to make a chart/graph to publish in the weekly bulletin to help keep parishioners informed. Doug will use a graph that shows 12 month trend and will make sure Marie receives it.


    Peter reported that there is dead hedge (shrub) and he will consult with Roger Donegan to get it removed and cleaned up.


    RELIGIOUS EDUCATION- Rodney presented Marie’s Religious Ed report that she emailed:


    -         12 students received their First Communion on May 9th, the mass went very well as did the reception that followed .Each student received a certificate along with a white bag (thanks to the sewing efforts of Grace Link) with some religious items for their First Communion from the parish. The cake was provided by Judy Laberge and was beautiful as always.

    -         We have 13 students from St Jude’s and 7 from OLMC who will be confirmed on May 10th at St Michaels’ College. Dan, Roxanne and Susan Zahn will hold rehearsal and potluck after 9: 30 mass on the 9th.

    -         A teacher Appreciation dinner is scheduled for 6/21.


    Dan Smith will talk about the Children’s Liturgy program at the next council meeting.


    Father David had passed out the Diocese Parish membership, structure, leadership overview to council members as a model that Parish Council tends to follow. Father also handed out a letter that will be in the next weeks bulletin from the diocese stating that the diocese has settled the sexual abuse claims


    Father reported that the direct deposit is in operation and currently 9 families are using it. Father suggested that once a month when the graph in the bulletin is published that there is a reminder going out that direct deposit is available. Also on Father’s quarterly commitment reminder letter there will be another mention that direct deposit is available.


    Ted passed out Old Parish Council targets and all present reviewed and agreed  on the following:


    -         Support current Rise Up youth ministry program ( maybe initial getting 35 boys and girls involved was a little high- shoot for more realistic lower #’s )

    -         Discussed RCIA program and talked about ways to welcome back inactive Catholics by using signs and publishing our activities

    -         Agreed that we are due for another St Jude Newsletter- Ted to condense and get it in the bulletin

    -         Teen masses are continuing and are getting scheduled

    -         There is limited interest in a Holy Name society and is a dead issue for now.

    -         Bible Study remains active and growing

    -         Rodney to talk with Marie about publishing note in the bulletin about 4th of July parade volunteers and ideas needed.




    Bernie Suggested use of fans to help push heat down and save significant money also concerned with the existing old refrigerators in the kitchen are using lots of energy – maybe we could get more efficient refrigerator. All agreed that it would be a good return of investment. Bernie and Peter to work together to get estimates for fans and refrigerator.


    Closing Prayer


    Meeting adjourned @ 9:10 p.m.


    Respectfully Submitted,


    Rodney Strong

    13. Parish Council Minutes-June 2010

                                             Minutes of Saint Jude Parish Council

                                                                 June 10, 2010



    Call to Order:  Council Chair Ted Barrett called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. Members present were: Dan Smith, Joan Magnant, Maura Kelly Rodney Strong, Bernie Sage, Stan Hazelton, and Peter May. Also present was: Fr. David


     – Dan Smith led the Council in the Opening Prayer.


    May Minutes: Council unanimously approved the Minutes of the May meeting.


    Commission Reports:



    Joan reported that Memorial Day Prayer service was a success with 52 attendees, 7-8 scouts with Thomas Keller playing taps. Peggy Cioffi did outstanding job with the flower


    Maura actively pushing 2010 Youth Congress on 7/10 – 11 deadline for register is July 2nd.

    Teen mass with Movie “To Save A Life” (release date Aug 3rd) to be announced at a later date.

    Maura has ordered new Bible that may be easier for Teens to use and will present to Father David for approval. If not approved then probably go back to same Bible used for the prison program.

    Wall of Prayer is up and being used.


    SOCIAL ACTION – Stan and Bernie has met and tried to plan a spaghetti dinner. They did put some ideas together and will plan for a fall dinner. Stan reported that a couple women approached him about a Silent Auction. Stan & Maura will get together and plan feasibility.


    Ted reported that the Senior lunches was a bit slow with 10-12 attendees in May but will continue through the summer.

    Bernie says there was limited interest in the Quebec trip but expects more to sign up. Bernie also reported that he needs to re-connect with the lady in Lowe to discuss the Cursillo program in more detail.


    Discussion of 4TH of July parade and lack  of  interest. Discussed a bunch of parishioners walking as a group instead of a float. Maura to discuss with some young folks and try to get some teens involved.


    STEWARDSHIP- Doug reported via email financial condition with graph to be published in church bulletin.

    Peter to communicate with Roger Donegan about what to do about dead shrub in front of rectory.

    Bernie & Peter given approval to buy & install ceiling fans in the church hall. If exceed $ 250.00 need to come back to council for approval.

    Bernie mentioned that an area on North side of church some paint is lifting and should be investigated.

    Council tabled for now the idea of revisiting new speakers for the church.


    Fr. David reported for Gary the plan for the asbestos removal in the rectory. Fr. Signed a contract with Environmental Hazard group for $ 3800 .00 and will be set for 7/19. Stan to check with Gary for 1-2 of the old radiators are available.

    Bernie will attempt to get the stove fixed in June – Council ok’d to spend some money on this. Bernie to get Ted name for good gas man to coordinate get stove fixed.


    Ideas went around on how to handle the rust on the roof problem. Live with it for now.


    RELIGIOUS EDUCATION- Dan & Rodney attended a June 2nd meeting that Marie Cookson held with Fr David, and Robert Danyow to plan next year’s Confirmation classes. There was discussion on parent volunteers and other ideas to kick off the new year’s program without the presence of Service coordinator Sue Zahn.

    Dan reported that the first Children’s Liturgy is tentatively set for 8/22 or 8/29. Will be open to children from Infants to 12 years.




    Email change for Peter May and new # for Fr. David – 425-2253


    Closing Prayer


    Respectfully Submitted,

    Rodney Strong

    14. Parish Council Minutes-July 2010


    July 8, 2010



    Call to Order:  Council Chair Ted Barrett called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.  Members present were; Doug Taff, Bernie Sage, Stan Haselton, Joan Magnant. 


    Ted led the Council in the opening prayer.


    The minutes of the June meeting were accepted with no corrections.


    Furnace Conversion Update:  Gary reported that the asbestos removal from the rectory basement is scheduled for July 19th.  When this is completed, we will be go ahead with the remainder of the furnace installation project.  Doug reported that the related financials are included in the accompanying monthly report.  Also, the control on the stove in the church kitchen has not been repaired.  Action:  Bernie will follow up with Ray Keller to find another party to do the repairs.


    Commission Reports:


    Worship:  A written report from Maura indicated that St. Jude’s had five teens representing our parish in the July 4th parade.  Also, she is working with the Diocese on the possibility of an overnight at SOULFEST this year (see written report).  Joan indicated that she would like to have some ideas in place to introduce to the parish for the upcoming year.  She and Maura will meet to begin planning for the year ahead. We are hoping to present Cursillo to the parish in September.  Action:  Bernie has agreed to contact a speaker from Lowell  and to obtain a firm date for her presentation.


    Social Action:  Three people attended the pilgrimage to Quebec.  The reviews were excellent and it is hoped that a future trip to this shrine will be attended by many others.

    Ted noted that the last Senior Lunch was attended by a capacity crowd. 

    Stan and Bernie are working on plans for a Fall Dinner, possibly to be held on Saturday, October 9th (Columbus Day Weekend).  They are considering incorporating a Silent Auction along with the dinner.

    Bernie had suggested that we consider installing ceiling fans in the church entryway and the Council had approved the suggestion.  Action: Bernie and Peter will purchase and install the fans.

    Gary provided a written tally of the July 4th activities.  The gross from the events was:  Food - $233   50/50 - $72     Food Shelf - $61    Bracelets (Aiden Thomas) - $15


    Stewardship:  Doug reported expenses of $45,000 in capital improvements, $6000 being our cost for the fundraising campaign.  The income was down 3% and the expenses were up 3%, for a net of $18,000.  If we can stay within 10% ahead of 2009, we will be OK and we will be able to pay off all of our capital expenditures. (See printed financial report)


    Religious Education:  An e-mail from Rodney indicated that 10 people attended the Appreciation Dinner for CCD teachers, held on June 21st.  This number included Fr. David and Marie.


    Old Action Items:

    Parish Goals:  Ted passed out the revised list of Parish Goals.  There was no discussion.

    Council Roster:  Joan passed out copies of the updated Council Roster.


    New Business: 

    Tent Rental/Purchase:  Gary proposed that we consider purchasing two tents (10’x20’) for parish functions, at a cost of $280.00.  Currently, we rent one large tent (20’x40’) for the Parish Picnic for $280.00.  The Council felt that this was worthwhile, especially considering the ease of handling the smaller tents.  Action:  Gary will follow up.

    Church Banner:  Some workers at our July 4th booth felt that we did not have good visibility as St. Jude’s Parish.  Suggestions of t-shirts or a banner were discussed.  The Council felt that a banner would be the most practical and could be utilized in a variety of ways.  Action: Ted will check on a company to design and produce the banner and will obtain an estimate for the project.



    Next Meeting:  Thursday, SEPTEMBER 9th



    Respectfully Submitted,


    Joan Magnant

    15. Parish Council Minutes-September 2010

    Minutes of Saint Jude Parish Council

                                                                 September 9, 2010



    Call to Order:  Council Chair Ted Barrett called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Members present were: Ted Barrett Dan Smith, Maura Kelly, Rodney Strong, Bernie Sage, Stan Hazelton, and Peter May, Gary Payea. Also present was: Fr. David.


     – Dan Smith led the Council in the Opening Prayer.


    July Minutes: Council unanimously approved the Minutes of the July meeting.


    Furnace Update: Gary reported that work is almost complete. There is some additional work to improve the aesthetics of the rooms. Ted mentioned there is a general contractor in the parish who is interested in doing the work. Ray Kelleher is heading this up and will   contact him. Gary also mentioned that there is a sewage problem in the rectory. A pipe broke and will be fixed this week.


    Kitchen Oven Repair: Ted reported that the kitchen oven in the parish hall has been fixed and is working well. A new control has been ordered and will be installed soon.


    Commission Reports:


    WORSHIP- Maura reported the Prayer Wall is being used but some parishioners not sure how to use it. Maura will put something together to explain “How to Use Prayer Wall” possibly incorporate in a bulletin.


    -Bibles for Teens -Maura is working with the Spectrum Group and has found NIV version of a Bible that is easy to use by teens. Fr. David agreed the NIV version is good and appropriate. Maura to order a copy and Fr. David to approve. The cost is $ 3.50 each per case pf 24. Dan brought up suggestion that a fund raiser could be organized to pay for them.


    -          Next Teen Newsletter- Maura says next Teen newsletter has not been released due to a mix-up of dates for the youth mass. There was a discussion about using the newly released movie “To Save A Life” during the youth mass and Fr. David had stated that he had conferred with some local experts and confirmed that this movie would not be shown under the St. Jude sponsorship. Fr. David suggested that any tentative dates for a youth mass go thru the Liturgy committee so that everyone knows what is going on and will decrease mix ups.


    Maura asked if it is ok to have St Jude teens promote  a“Prolife” program where teens raise awareness to Prolife by being silent and wearing a red band. This day of silence is October 19 th and Fr. David approved.


    SOCIAL – Ted reported that Senior Lunches are still strong with new people attending. It was also brought up that a St. Jude banner needs to be made. There was a discussion on the design of this . Maura says that it can be obtained online. Dan offered that this would potentially be a good project for a confirmation student. Dan will bring up in the next class and see if anyone is interested.


    Maura mentioned that it would be nice to have a St. Jude sign to advertise events that are happening. Gary mentioned that there are strict town laws that govern the use of signs. We all agreed will advertise events on the existing sandwich board used for Pancake breakfasts for no more than 1 week.


    Bernie mentioned there is an October Cursillo program happening in Killington. Bernie to get the dates and advertise in the bulletin.


    Regarding the installation of ceiling fans in the Church hall. Bernie & Peter to get together and coordinate completing.


    SOCIAL ACTION – October 9th dinner will be held. Stan has all the sauce already. Need to advertise locally ( Lantman’s, sandwich board , etc).Sue Hamlin to sell 50/50 raffle tickets during the next upcoming weeks. Raffle to done at dinner.



    STEWARDSHIP- Doug reported a glowing financial report- increase of 30% in offertory. Father David mentioned that he needs to give Bishop an update of report made to the parish. Agreed to place in bulletin * See Doug’s attached Aug financial report.


    Peter said he would prune the shrubs out front that appeared “dead” expect they may look better after. Peter also brought up that there was a rather large pile of gravel out back of the church that should be spread around to level off.


    RELIGIOUS EDUCATION- Dan suggested that he will make an attempt to kick off another generation of a “youth group” this fall.

    Dan is ready to kick off the Liturgy for Youth Program and will mention at mass this week. Discussed that Father will dismiss the group at opening prayer and will all reconvene in church at collection time. Ages should be infant to approximately 12 years old.


    Highlights of Marie Cookson’s report on Religious Ed:


    Ccd classes begin on 9/13. All teacher positions have been filled, there are 5 new teachers. Registrations are still coming in so numbers will be presented next month.


    The first youth mass 9/26 to welcome everyone back


    Blessing of the Animals – 10/4 with rain date of 10/11


    Rodney S and Bob Danyow of OLMC will work with Marie with the confirmation grades on the liturgical and Service components of the program. 1st meeting to take place with the parents of 1st year program is 9/27 after mass. 2nd year will be 10/17. We are working on getting parents more involved with the program this year and requiring that 1 or 2 parents sign up each mass to help Dan.


    Dave Dumaine will be back to hold Confirmation retreats for each grade. 2nd year is 9/25 and 1st year is 4/16. Dave will also hold a teachers retreat on 9/24 from 6:00-9:00.  These retreats will include all from St Jude’s, OLMC, St Catherine’s and Our Lady of the Holy Rosary.


    Marie will be holding Virtus training in October. 1st one will be 10/7at St Jude’s from 6:30-9:30 and St Catherine’s on 10/26 at the same time. Marie will also be holding a Parent’s program of Virtus and that date will be announced at a later time.


    Marie also reported that the diocese came in and completed an audit on the Safe Environment Program. Our parish did well with the exception of some minor areas that need to be addressed. Marie stressed the importance to all involved with our youth that the monthly bulletins and all paperwork need to be kept up to date. Next year a national audit team will come in and do an inspection and everything will need to be in order.






    Congratulated and Thanked Gary P for getting the tents that St Jude now owns.


    Bernie brought up the need to better promote Christian Music stations. Maura agreed to promote more, Father David mentioned that we have to be careful in which stations to promote- we want to attract kids to our faith and not drive them away.


    Respectfully Submitted,


    Rodney Strong

    16. Parish Council Minutes-October 2010


    October 14, 2010


    Call To Order:  Council Chair Ted Barret called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.  In attendance were:  Fr. David Cray, Maura Kelley, Dan Smith, Doug Taff, Gary Payea, Bernie Sage and Joan Magnant.


    Furnace Conversion Update:  Ray Keller was present to give this report.  He stated that Kevin Leland is doing the interior finish work in the rectory.  Gary mentioned that there are many aesthetic issues to be addressed and discussion ensued around some of these issues.  Jackie Bissonette has devised an overall design plan.  After obtaining pricing, we will decide upon a schedule for completion of the work.  We are also awaiting pricing from Lacey’s for the tile work on the floors.

    Ray reported that the electric water heater should be off the electric bill now.  Also, we have received a $500.00 rebate from Efficiency Vermont.

    At this time, Ted presented Ray with a plaque and gift certificate from the Council, thanking him for the incredible amount of time and effort he has donated to this project.


    The business of the Council then resumed with Opening Prayer led by Joan Magnant.


    Minutes of Last Meeting:  These were approved as written.


    Ted reported that the new stove in the Church kitchen has been repaired and all controls are in working order.


    Commission Reports:

    Worship:  Maura Kelley reported on the teen activities taking place over the next few weeks.  There will be a Teen Mass on Oct. 23rd at 4:30 PM, followed by a barbecue and Social.  She is looking for parent volunteers to help with the cooking.   Invitations have gone out to neighboring parishes, hoping to expand the scope of this event.  A Silent Day will be observed on Oct. 19th to increase awareness of the abortion issue.


    Maura and Fr. David are still examining various editions of the Bible to find one that is appropriate to be distributed to young people at Spectrum.


    Maura is sending personal invitations to some of the youth to recruit teen leaders for the 7th-8th Grade Rally which will be held at St. Jude’s on November 14th.


    Joan reported on several upcoming events, including Recognition Weekend  for all liturgical ministers (Oct. 16/17), a Mass of Remembrance (Nov. 6/7), a Fall Retreat with Deacon Rich (Nov. 16/17) and the Interfaith Thanksgiving Service (Nov. 21).


    Joan also questioned the update on the Cursillo planning.  She felt that we needed to bring someone into the parish in order to familiarize parishioners with the format and to answer individual questions regarding the weekend.  Action:  Bernie will follow up with his contact and report next month.


    Joan suggested that we might consider offering a program on parenting.  The Council thought this was appropriate, considering the large numbers of younger families in the parish.  Action:  Joan will contact a couple in Barre to learn more about their program, entitled “Parenting With Faith, Love and Humor”.


    Social Action:  The Council determined that the issue of Lobby fans was not a priority at this time.


    The Spaghetti Dinner was considered a success by all those who worked and/or attended the evening.  Approximately 70 people attended and we had excellent volunteers who came forward to assist in the kitchen and to serve the meal, sell raffle tickets and help with cleanup.  The 50/50 Raffle netted $186.00 and the winner, Barbara O’Brien, donated her winnings back to St. Jude’s.  We are most grateful for her generosity.


    Ted reported that the Senior Lunches are doing well and are quite self-sufficient.  He feels that he does not always have to be in attendance and they are running very well.


    Stewardship:  Doug reported that the income over September has been quite volatile.  We are $6600 under budget for the month, mostly on the income side and some due to the renovations ($24,000 was paid out for the furnace work).  In total, we are below budget by approximately $3000 YTD.


    Peter sent a report regarding his trim work on the shrubs.  He has also replaced all of the receptacles in the church, as some were broken, rusty, etc.  A parishioner has also pruned the ornamental tree in front of the church.


    Religious Education:  Dan stated that the 1st year confirmation retreat, and the Teachers’ Retreat of the evening before, went very well.  Dan has added 8-9 new confirmation students to this group, creating a need for a larger class space.  Fr. David suggested that Dan might be able to set up tables in the wide aisle inside the church to accommodate the larger group.  Dan reported that he has had many parents sign up to assist him with the class.  Dan is also planning to pursue the proposal for a St Jude’s banner design with the students in the next weeks.


    The Children’s Liturgy will begin in a couple of weeks.  The children will be with Dan for their own study of the Sunday readings and will return to the church after the homily.


    Other Business:  Doug asked when he should plan to make his financial report to the parish.  It was decided that this would take place on the weekend of November 13/14.


    The meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM, following a Closing Prayer.


    Respectfully Submitted,   

    Joan Magnant


    17. Parish Council Minutes-November 2010

                                             Minutes of Saint Jude Parish Council

                                                                November 11, 2010



    Call to Order:  Council Chair Ted Barrett called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Members present were: Ted Barrett Dan Smith, Doug Taff, Joan Magnant, Rodney Strong, Stan Hazelton, Gary Payea. Also present was: Fr. David.


     – Ted offered opening prayer.


    October Minutes: Council unanimously approved the Minutes of the October meeting.


    Furnace Update: Rectory to wallpapered November 17th. Final stages of tile & carpeting next on agenda. ETA end of November.



    Commission Reports:


    WORSHIP- Maura reported via email to Ted the following:


    Last Teen Mass lightly attended most likely cause of school vacations and people out of town.


    Bibles for Teens- Maura suggested new Bible to look at that is popular and easy to read. Father David says NO to proposed version and confirms we really need to stick to Alexandrian version that Catholics promotes and most importantly contains all the Books. Father reviewed and confirmed that Major Books are missing in the proposed version.


    Joan reports that the Remembrance Mass was a nice touch and suggested offering snacks and a get together after Mass next year.


    Parish Retreat set for Nov. 16th & 17th.


    7:00 Interfaith Celebration- new pastor of United seems interested to work with St. Jude.


    Looking for families to light the Advent wreath each week of Advent


    Suggested Confirmation Classes get involved with the Jesse Tree.


    Parenting Program- Joan communicating with Deacon from St Monica’s of Barre regarding Parenting with Faith Program- suggest St Jude take this on possibly during Lent or later in the year. All present agreed Program worth Pursuing. Joan to continue to investigate



    SOCIAL ACTION –Ted offered Bernie a Cursillo contact thru the Knight’s of Columbus.  Ted to get info to Bernie.


    Stan reports that the Spaghetti dinner was successful.

    Gary reported that the Sunday breakfasts typically draw 80-90 attendees.

    Ted reports that the senior lunches still going strong and that one attendee provided a

    $ 50.00 donation.


    STEWARDSHIP- Doug reported that it would be nice to increase offertory up 10 %.

    We have spent $ 4000.00 on rectory and $ 1000.00 on much needed computer. Without these expenditures St Jude would probably be where we ought to be financially. Fr. David mentioned that October attendance is typical down and picks up early November. All agrees that attendance still correlates to offertory.


    RELIGIOUS EDUCATION- Dan reports that the first Liturgy for the Children went over well. There were approximately 11 children and 5-6 adults that attended. Dan says that all the kids were preschool age. Try again in December hopefully may be successful at attracting next age group.


    Dan wants to keep the St Jude Banner project on the agenda and will try to get confirmation class involvement on this project.


    Highlights of Marie Cookson’s report on Religious Ed:


    7th & 8th grade will take place at St. Jude’s on 11/14. To date 100 kids were registered.

    7th & 8th grade Youth Mass was held 11/7.

    Religious Ed classes to help with The Jesse Tree- Hopefully Confirmation Classes will be helping with this.

    Some service opportunities have been provided for the Confirmation classes and they have responded well. Confirmation candidates are providing snacks and hot drinks for the 3 Saturdays in November for Habitat for Humanity building crews in Charlotte. There is also approximately 7-8 at this time who will be working at  on 11/13 to help with raking up of leaves.


    OLD BUSINESS: Financial Report to be presented 11/13 & 14th.


    Stan mentioned that a parishioner asked about a Holy Water receptacle – Fr David says that it will be easy enough to do if that what the Parish wants. We can look around for a good deal on a Receptacle.


    Ted says that one of the Seniors attending lunch mentioned that all the sign up sheets we have on the tables are confusing and appear unorganized. Maybe we should do a vertical set up where they are easy to read and appear more organized. Ted will talk to Marie about ideas to make neater and more accessible to everyone.


    Father David passed out revised Parish Council Bylaws that Diocese provided. Fr. says   that our Parish Council pretty much adheres to the suggested protocol. Father did state that one of the changes was at next parish Council election of officers that we refer to Coordinator instead of Chairman.


    No New Business




    Respectfully Submitted,


    Rodney Strong

    18. Parish Council Minutes-December 2010


    December 9, 2010



    Call to Order:   Ted Barrett, Council Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM.  Members present included:  Ted Barrett, Doug Taff, Peter May, Joan Magnant.  Also present was:  Fr. David.


    Ted offered the opening prayer.


    November Minutes:  The Minutes of the November meeting were approved with no omissions or corrections.


    Rectory Update:   The walls are prepped and ready for wallpapering, to be started next week.  Carpeting and tile work will follow.




    Worship:  Maura sent in a report and indicated that the November 7th & 8th  Grade Rally was very successful, with 250 in attendance.  She is trying to organize a group to attend the March for Life in Washington, DC and is also working on a weekend retreat for youth and/or adults in June at St. Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, MA.

    Joan reported that the fall retreat with Deacon Rich was attended by approximately 20 people per evening.  A suggestion to hold the retreat earlier in the fall is being considered.  The Interfaith Thanksgiving Service at All Soul’s in Shelburne was well-done and well-attended. Advent celebrations are going well, with different families lighting the Advent Wreath each week and children participating in the Jesse Tree.

    Joan also noted that she has had contact with Deacon Dan Pudvah (St. Monica’s, Barre) regarding an evening presentation on Parenting.  Dan forwarded a synopsis of his talk and it was decided that we would see if he was available for an evening in Lent for this presentation.  Action:  Joan will contact Dan to determine when he might be available.

    Father David researched obtaining a Holy Water receptacle for the church following a request from several parishioners.  It was decided that the receptacle provided by the Airtom Company was most appropriate for our needs.  Action: Father David will order the receptacle.


    Social Action:  Ted attended a presentation on Cursillo given by a deacon at St. John Vianney Parish.  He found it most informative and discussion then evolved around the need to find a contact person to come into our parish to make the presentation and answer questions.  Action:  Ted will check the web site to locate someone in leadership who could visit our parish.





    Stewardship:  Doug gave the financial report.  He noted the Weekly Offering is up 6.8%, just slightly under budget.  The Cumulative Income is up 3.7%; this includes $6500 in bequests and gifts and an additional receipt from the Mary Carse estate of just over $19,000.  Doug feels that, as we go through this year, we will see improvement over 2009.  We are currently very close to breaking even after all expenses.

    Peter noted that he is in the process of replacing some of the outlets in the church. Those replaced were exhibiting a green, oily film on the exterior. Also, the windowsills on the south side of the church were badly stained.  Peter has sanded them all and will apply a sealer to prevent further deterioration.  He also noted that the project of installing fans in the foyer of the church was not as straightforward as originally thought.  It was the consensus of the members that the project be tabled for the present.


    Religious Education:  Marie sent a written report.  She also noted the success of the 7th & 8th Grade Rally and thanked the adults from the parish who chaperoned the event.  There was a good turnout of Confirmation students who helped with the raking at OLMC.  The Confirmation students have been willing volunteers, providing snacks for the Habitat for Humanity project and participating in Masses whenever we are in need of help.

    Ted reported that Dan is hoping to have another Liturgy of the Word for Children in January and hopes to attract a slightly older age group.


    Old Business:  There has been no feedback on Doug’s financial report to the Parish.

    The Faith in Action (FIA) group was mentioned and it seems that they are no longer meeting on a regular basis.  Their activities are done in small groups and they continue to address various parish needs, e.g., the sewing project.


    The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.



    Respectfully Submitted,

    Joan Magnant



    19. Parish Council Minutes-January 2011

    Minutes of Saint Jude Parish Council

                                                                January 13, 2010



    Call to Order:  Council Chair Ted Barrett called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Members present were: Ted Barrett Dan Smith, Joan Magnant, Rodney Strong, Peter May, Bernie Sage Also present was: Fr. David.


     – Ted offered opening prayer.


    December Minutes: Council unanimously approved the Minutes of the December meeting.


    Furnace Update: Ray Keller and Jackie Bissonette are doing a wonderful job overseeing the rectory makeover. It looks just great


    Commission Reports:


    WORSHIP Joan reports that attendance at the large Holiday masses are going down masses and shared some numbers such as 294 vs. 314 the year before.


    Prayer for Christian Unity- week of Jan 18th, Sunday Jan 23 rd St Jude will have a reader from the United Church and our Peggy Cioffi will read at their church.


    Martin Luther King Day- discussed special songs to be sung and Fr, David to work message in the homily.


    Marriage Day- Recognize Marriages a Sunday close to Valentine’s Day.


    Lenten Services starting to be discussed:


    John Penoyar interested in starting a Taize Prayer service, one will be held at St Mike’s and discussions of St Jude’s holding one around the 15-16th of March or possibly the 21st.


    Lisa Boutin agrees to help hold Fish & Chips Dinners thru Lent with the hopes of the Confirmation Classes helping. The fund proceeds from this project will be spread around. Fr David suggested that we mention the charity the proceeds from the particular dinner will benefit ahead of time so folks can plan accordingly.


    Parenting Seminar-  A couple of potential dates discussed for this seminar are 3/21 or 3/28, Monday nights while kids are at CCD class. Dan & Denise Pudvah from St Monica’s in Barre to present. Joan to email & push them towards the 3/28 date.


    Holy Water Receptacle- Fr. David showed off the new Holy Water Receptacle that some Parishioners had expressed an interest in having. A very nice receptacle for the Church Hall.



    SOCIAL ACTION –Ted says that he believes someone needs to come speak about Cursillo and he has a contact that he and Bernie have been in communication with. Diane will come down from Newport and talk 5 minutes or so at the mass and have questions after regarding Spring Cursillo coming up. Ted trying to line up for 2/13 mass.


    March For Life – Ted mentioned for Maura that at 10:45 participants to meet at the Statehouse to begin the March For Life. In the past there is a good shoeing of teens.


    Senior Lunches- still going strong- had to cancel January 12 because of snowstorm.


    STEWARDSHIP- Peter reports the he needs to check and clear off any ice jams on the Church roof.

    Bernie & Peter mentioned that use of a heat trace possibly will help keep ice from building up. Peter to investigate.


    Finance - Doug’s reports shows offertory 23 % down in December.


    RELIGIOUS EDUCATION- Rodney not much to report – Lots of class cancellations due to weather & Martin Luther King Day.


    Dan mentioned that he will do another Children’s liturgy on January 30th 9:30 mass.


    Father asked parish Council if all agree that Marie Cookson should come to Council meetings since she is DRE. All agreed and everyone reiterated that Council meetings are open to the Parish.


    Ted mentioned the St Jude banner and all agreed that Ted will talk to Aydin and possibly have the 8th grade class work on it.


    New Business-

    Church Bazaar

    Ted mentioned Richmond & St John Vianney has very successful Church Bazaars and we discussed potentially holding one at St Jude’s- discussed potential time frames such as 4th of July or prior to the Christmas season. All agreed to talk to people about it and table the discussion for next meeting.


    Youth Ministry

    Dan mentioned that he is interested in forming a youth group with particular attention to outdoor ministry i.e skiing, ice skating, gym for basketball, etc. Generated much interest around the table.  Will work on trying to make happen. Rodney to contact Dorothy B at the diocese level to discuss liability issues. Bernie to check with contact at HCS for possible gym availabilities.


    Meeting Adjourned- Ted offered closing Prayer







    20. Parish Council Minutes-February 2011

                                             Minutes of Saint Jude Parish Council

                                                                February 10, 2011



    Call to Order:  Council Chair Ted Barrett called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Members present were: Ted Barrett Dan Smith, Doug Taff, Joan Magnant, Bernie Sage, Rodney Strong, Gary Payea. Also present was: Fr. David and Marie Cookson.


     – Ted offered opening prayer.


    January Minutes: Council unanimously approved the Minutes of the January meeting with the exception of correcting the spelling of John Penoyar’s name and the correction of tentative date for Taize prayer service in March.


    Furnace Update: Some windows caulking, and some electric outlet work and other odds & ends to be wrapped up.


    Commission Reports:


    WORSHIP- Ted reported in Maura’s absence a couple of tentative Teen activities currently being advertised.

    -          Teen Snow Shoe Hike

    -          New Teen Outreach Bible; Group (poster advertising


    Joan reported- Christian Unity week went well with visiting lectors coming to St Jude’s and Peggy Cioffi going over to the United Church to participate in their scripture reading. Most likely both churches will participate again next year.



    -          World Marriage mass date is February 13th.

    -          Taize Prayer service still tentative for March 15-16th.


    Fr. David mentioned that Pastor Michelle at the United Church is interested in getting the 3 local church groups interested in getting back to their Catholic roots- Pastor Michelle may do something at St Jude’s at noon on Good Friday and all the local churches will be invited and support the idea.


    Parenting Seminar- Joan connected with Dan & Denise Pudvah and they confirmed the March 28th date works for them to be held during CCD class. Fr. David brought up the having hand held microphone for such activities like this so people can hear. Gary to check out options. Joan to get Marie the information to advertise it in the bulletin as well as for St Catherine’s & OLMC.


    Cursillo Talk - Ted reported that he talked to Diane the Cursillo spokeswoman and cancelled the talk due to snowstorm. It is tentatively re-scheduled for 3/6.


    STEWARDSHIP- Ice situation on roof is bad. Bernie suggests heat rods and there was general discussion on the effectiveness of this technique. Water is now coming in to the ladies room and the furnace room due to ice jam.  Discussions on how to proactively fix the situation for the future included; moving the chimney stack, insulating the roof. Also a good suggestion was to exhaust out the side instead of thru the top. Ted will talk with Ray Keller about the problem for his expert opinion.


    Doug report on the financial situation illustrates both good & bad news. Bad news is collections are down 5 % and the good news is total income is up 20 %. Doug also reported that St Jude’s is saving a lot of money on fuel with the new fuel conversion. Confirmed an excellent investment.


    Further discussions held on why 5 % down in weekly collections. – It is difficult to know why because problem appears in cash donations. Have no way of knowing where and who it’s coming from. 93 % are envelope users and 12 % are non envelope users


    Fr. David mentioned that another letter will be going out which will be a receipt letter for tax purposes and there will be a mention to increase weekly donations if possible. Fr. also mentioned that a pitch for electronic filing will be given from the pulpit as well as the bulletin.


    Fr. David also mentioned that all churches are experiencing a decrease- we are not alone.


    Bernie had suggested we look at other areas in the church to save energy money. Doug stated that Peter and himself had both looked at the energy audit to see where else to save money but those areas just didn’t use enough energy to save any money due to the part time operating nature of a Church.


    RELIGIOUS EDUCATION- Dan reported that he would like to do the Children’s Gospel every 3rd week of the month and hopes to grow the program more.


    Church Banner – Dan will mention it in the next class to see if there is any interest in working on a Church banner.


    Rodney reported that after checking with the diocese on liability of church sponsored church activities for teens it will be imperative that parents assume the responsibility of getting teens to & from any sponsored activity.  The diocesan lawyer had stressed that the church cannot arrange transportation for any events.


    Bernie says Bob from Hinesburg Elementary says the gym can be available for Teen activities we just need to let him know when. 1st activity tentatively set for March 13th after Confirmation class 12:30-2:30 for a volleyball game. Invite 1st & 2nd year students as well as last year class. Bernie to talk to Bob at HCS to arrange, Marie to arrange pizzas for the kids who will be just getting out of class. Will need to get Virtus trained Chaperones – Ted & Rodney will help.


    OLD BUSINESS- Parish Bazaar revisited as well as other fund raising ideas. Doug suggested a small parking fee for those who use the Church parking lot on the 4th of July activities. Council unanimously agreed we should continue to offer the use of parking lot with no fee. It is good Public Relations. Also the Town Yard Sale weekend was mentioned – rent tables for a small fee. How much to charge was discussed. These fundraising topics tabled for next month meeting.


    NEW BUSINESS- Council member elections are up with several members up for reelection.  Ted Barrett has decided to for re-election. Joan Magnant and Peter May has decided not to run for re-election on the Council. Thank you Joan and Peter for all that you do! Marie to publish and ask for candidates in the bulletin.


    Marie mentioned that St Jude’s will not host this year’s Youth Rally due to the size that it had grown to. It will be held at Rice High School.


    Meeting adjourned- Next meeting to be held on March 10th.


    Respectfully Submitted,


    Rodney Strong











    21. Parish Council Minutes-March 2011

                                             Minutes of Saint Jude Parish Council

                                                                March, 2011



    Call to Order:  Council Chair Ted Barrett called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Members present were: Ted, Dan, Doug, Joan, Bernie, Rodney, Peter, Stan, Steve Also present was: Fr. David and Marie and Gary.


     – Ted offered opening prayer – Prayer of St Francis.


    February Minutes: last month minutes fixed to reflect that Ted will run for re-election and Peter and Joan opt not to.


    Rectory Update: Cabinets are done, bathroom 90% complete. Kitchen floor & hallway is up for discussion for future repair project.


    Gary investigated fan for the meeting room blower (church hall). It is an OEM item only therefore expensive. Gary will investigate another option.



    Commission Reports:


    WORSHIP-Joan reported that the Parenting seminar is set for March 28th. Discussed setting up screen and preparation for the seminar. Also discussed and agreed that

    $ 200.00 stipend for the Pudvah’s travel and time was appropriate.


    Pastor Michelle attended Liturgy meeting and came up with a draft for the noon Prayer service on Good Friday at St. Jude’s.


    SOCIAL ACTION-Senior Meals still going strong. Approximately 20 people attending.


    Cursillo talk took place at mass Sunday March 6th and Ted commented that he thought it went well.


    STEWARDSHIP- Doug reported over all that we are doing a god job “ pinching our pennies” but predicting the next 6 months could be scary with the stock market, fuel and Mid-East conflicts taking place.


    No other major expenditures are in the works. Doug did mention the Church roof will need to be done in the next couple of years. Ted has been discussing with someone who coats roofs- will bring in sample the next meeting.


    Ted discussed the Ice on the roof situation with Ray Keller and agreed there are problems with the roof insulation. Over the years there has been repairs made and there is missing insulation. It was not confirmed that fixing the insulation would alleviate the icing problem but thoughts are that it could help. Ray will try to give Ted a more detailed analysis for the April meeting. Other discussions on the topic were discussed including new furnace and venting out the side is the best solution to fix the problem but not in the budget.



    RELIGIOUS EDUCATION- Lots of missed Monday night CCD classes this year due to weather.


    Liturgy of the Word for Children- Dan reports that he will lead this in March and resume  the 3rd week of May skipping April due to Holy week.


    Dan says there is no interest in any of the Confirmation class students working on a ST Jude banner (for parades, 4th of July booth’s etc). Another area where we could use a banner or a logo Ted brought up The Right to Life Book” a Pro Life resource book that many churches sponsor and St Jude could be involved. Fr. David was not objecting to it and all agreed that a $ 200.00 full page ad was ok to go ahead with. Bernie offered up $ 100.00 towards (he would advertise his business as well) and the Council agreed to put up $ 10.00 each to get to the $ 200.00 fee. Council discussed what photo to use in the ad depicting St. Jude’s- All agreed that Russ Berger’s interior shot was nice. Ted to ask Russ if we can use. Marie will place notice in bulletin to see if can get anyone interested in banner design. Steve Cote mentioned there is software to transfer photos to drawings – he will investigate this.


    Confirmation class activity scheduled for March 6th was a no go and discussed next time will be advertised as a “Open Gym “ time  may help attract more attendees rather that specifically volleyball. Will try again.


     OLD BUSINESS- Church bazaar discussion tabled to the fall.


    There were 3 nominations for Parish Council for 3 available spots – so naturally the nominees will take these open spots.




    Meeting Adjourned



    Respectfully Submitted,









    22. Parish Council Minutes-April 2011

    Minutes of Saint Jude Parish Council

                                                                April 14, 2011



    Call to Order:  Council Chair Ted Barrett called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. Members present were: Ted, Dan, Marie, Kevin, Rodney, Steve, and Stan. Also present was: Fr. David and Gary.


     – Ted offered opening prayer


    March Minutes: Approved no changes


    Rectory Update: Project complete except the hallway

    Outside work- dead shrubs need to be removed. IT could cost up to $ 1000 for removal and installation of replacement shrubs. Kevin to investigate cost of fencing instead


    New Commission Assignments- Kevin Leland – Stewardship

                                                           Marie Cookson – Worship

                                                           Steve Cote – Religious Education


    Commission Reports:


    WORSHIP-Parenting with faith seminar was not that strong, small attendance and presenters were not well prepared. Discussed future presentations should be presented to Parish Council first or have Council see presentation prior to bringing it to the Parish.


    The Ecumenical service on Good Friday will be happening at Noon on Good Friday.


    SOCIAL ACTION- Ted B attended Cursillo weekend and reported back that it was an intense weekend and recommends the program.


    STEWARDSHIP- Ted reviewed Doug financial report as Doug was out of town. Fr. David added that the Bishop’s office had sent recent letter stating that St Jude’s had not met its goal for the Bishop’s Fund. Fr. has invited Rich Fischer to come and discuss ideas on boosting the Bishop’s Fund next campaign.


    Marie reported that Jim Ross’s project of letters going out to Parishioners asking to increase their offertory if possible and stated there will be another letter going out thanking for their increased support. There was discussion about ways via letters to advise parish news and possible add an appeal or a reminder to stick with commitments.


    Roof Coating- Ted brought in sample of company he knows of that coats roofs. Other local businesses have gone this way.  Tabled for later discussion.


    Ray Keller report on Energy audit should be available for next Council meeting. All agreed need to get rid of the heat loss problem at the roof.



    RELIGIOUS EDUCATION-Last K-8 CCD class was April 11th. Marie reported that next year teacher positions are filled with the exception of Kindergarten & 5th Grade.


    Steve Cote mentioned that he had asked his class what they like to do best for Service projects and they all agreed it was hands on experience other than bringing food in. Discussion on various ideas to get the kids involved.


    Dan- reported that he had a Confirmation Class retreat going on 4/16 with Dave Dumaine. Dan has 1 more class with each of the Confirmation Classes before done for the year. There will be 24-25 kids making Confirmation this year with both parishes. Dan to aim for possible Summer activity with the group of teens he has had.





    OLD BUSINESS- Armand Lavallee has volunteered to design St Jude banner.


    New Business- Recognizing past Council members for their service- Council agreed to donate $ 100 in the names of Maura Kelly, Joan Magnant, and Peter May to the Hinesburg Food shelf. Fr. David to send check.


    Review Parish Council goals: Agreed to continue strengthen teen Ministry programs. Kevin agreed to look at Social Networking ideas. Council agreed to come to May meeting ready to discuss and prioritize rest of the Council goals.




    Meeting Adjourned at 8:35



    Respectfully Submitted,














    23. Parish Council Minutes-May 2011

    Parish Council Meeting

    May 12, 2011



    Present:  Fr. David Cray, Ted Barrett, Kevin Leland, Bernie Sage, Steve Cote, Gary Payea and Marie Cookson.

    Guest:  Rich Fischer


    Ted began with an opening prayer.


    Bishop’s Fund:  Rich Fischer from the Burlington Diocese was here to speak to us about the Bishop’s Fund.

    --The Kick-off to the Bishop’s Fund will be June 1st.  They are hoping to wrap things up by the end of August to mid-September.

    -- In the last 3 years the Bishop’s Fund has exceeded 3 million dollars.

    --There are 30 different ministries in the Diocese that are funded by the Bishop’s Fund including:

                    *The Catholic Library

                    *Catechist Training

                    *Safe Environment Training

                    *Youth Ministry—Youth Conference

                    *Catholic Charity

                    *Marriage & Family Life

                    *Marriage Tribunal-Annulments which are now free

                    *Seminarians & Priests’ Education

    --The number of Donors Diocesan wide is down.  2/3 of the gifts are under $500; almost 1/3 of the gifts are between $500 and $1500.  Very few gifts are over $1500.  Every donation helps, regardless of the amount. 


    Last Month’s Minutes:  Two changes were made to the April Minutes.  The date of the last CCD class should be April 11th, not March 11th.  Also, Rich Fischer’s name was incorrect. 


    Furnace Conversion:  Gary and Kevin stated that the furnace conversion is finished.  Kevin is still working on a punch list of small items in the rectory.




    Worship:  Marie reported that the Ecumenical Good Friday service at St. Jude’s was a great success.  There were 66 people who attended this Noon service; 88 people at the evening service.  There was a nice mixture of parishioners from OLMC and St. Jude’s along with folks from Hinesburg United who attended the noon service.    At the Liturgy Committee meeting it was decided to hold the daytime Good Friday service in the afternoon next year instead of at noon to allow the older people to attend the Senior Meal at the United Church at noon and then come to the Good Friday service afterward. 

    --St. Jude and the Hinesburg United Church are working together on the Memorial Day Community Prayer Service to be held on the green in front of the war memorials on Monday, May 30th at 9:00 a.m. 


    Social Action:  Ted reported that the Senior Meals continue to be well attended.

    --Ted spoke of the need for a group of people to visit the shut-ins and those in Rehab.  This might be an avenue that the Confirmation and post Confirmation students could be involved.  Steve mentioned that the Cub Scouts have done things for those folks who receive Meals on Wheels and this might be an avenue to finding those shut-ins.  There are 13 individuals in Hinesburg who receive this service.  It’s important to remember that our parish isn’t just Hinesburg but also Monkton, Starksboro, Huntington, and Williston and that there are individuals in each of these towns who are shut in also and would enjoy a visit.   Ted, Bernie and Stan will come up with a plan to get a group together to visit the shut-ins.


    -Ted mentioned that a few folks who attend the Senior Meals wondered about the St. Jude Prayer Chain.  Marie said that the prayer chain is still going, although the prayer requests are now sent out via email to parishioners.  It was discussed that some people don’t have a computer to get emails but would like to be a part of this.  It was decided that the email requests will continue, with Marie putting an announcement in the bulletin looking for new members and reminding folks that there are a group of people who are available to pray for any need.  Also, she will place the prayer requests on the bulletin board in the hall so that others may also pray for those in need. 


    Stewardship:  Doug wasn’t at the meeting but from the charts that he had sent earlier, the previous month was positive.


    Jim Ross and Marie got together and looked at the results from the letters that were sent out earlier.  The estimated increase should result in a gain of $3100 per year.


    No results on the energy audit.


    Kevin discussed the replacement of the hedges on the side of the rectory and noted that a fence would not be a good idea since the ground slopes in this area.   It was decided that flowers such as roses and daylilies would be a better solution.  Kevin said he would like to place a trellis over the statue of Mary, then have a planting bed around the statue.  He also mentioned that the statue is in need of cleaning.  Kevin will work on the trellis and planting.  He feels that he can do this project for around $300. 


    Religious Ed:  Ted showed the council samples of the new banner for St. Jude’s which is being designed by Armand Lavallee.  The members liked the photo of the church verses the drawings.  Ted will ask Armand to re-take the picture since this one has snow in it.  The photo also shows the statue of St. Jude much better.  The logo will be “St. Jude the Apostle – All are Welcome”.  We are hoping to have the banner for the 4th of July celebration.


    We had 5 students make their First Communion on May 8th.

    We have 21 students from St. Jude’s who will be confirmed at St. Michael’s on May 17th.


    Dan will restart the Children’s Liturgy again in August.


    Ted would like to form a group of local people who have attended a Cursillo weekend to meet on a monthly or quarterly basis.  A notice will be placed in the St. Jude and OLMC bulletins looking for interested individuals.


    No New Business


    Marie mentioned that the Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary of the Parish Council need to be decided.  Ted said this would be on the agenda for June.


    Kevin will do the opening prayer for the June 9th, 2011 meeting.


    Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.


    Respectfully submitted,

    Marie Cookson




    24. Parish Council Minutes-June 2011

    Minutes of Saint Jude Parish Council

    June 9, 2011

    Call to Order: Council Chair Ted Barrett called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Members present were: Ted, Dan, Doug, Marie, Kevin, Rodney, Steve, Also present was: Fr. David and Gary.

    – Kevin offered opening prayer

    April Minutes: Approved no changes

    Commission Reports:

    WORSHIP-75 people attended Memorial Day Ceremony. Area churches, military, boy scouts, fire and police represented. About 75 attendees. Next year talk about a P.A system to help with Audio.

    Aug. 6th – Parish Picnic- Pot luck. More info coming in future bulletins

    SOCIAL ACTION- Ted B mentioned some networking needed to help organize visits with seniors. Discussion about CVAA (Champlain Valley Agency of Aging) may help with some ideas.

    STEWARDSHIP- Doug reports we are “holding our own” financially. Attendance remains up & down affecting the trend in collections. Good News is St Jude’s remains on track with its budget.

    Ted reported to council on the Ray Keller report- a $ 12 thousand dollar investment would save the Parish approximately $500.00 / year. There is no guarantee that would help with the roof/ice problem. Council agreed that it makes no sense to go forward at this time. Doug agreed to investigate spray foam insulation and discuss with Ray Keller.

    Kevin & Hank White removed the hedges in front of the rectory. Kevin put finishing touches on hedge removal and installing trellis. Council to pay Kevin $ 300.00 for his materials.

    RELIGIOUS EDUCATION-Little New news. Dan has scheduled another attempt in getting the High school age teens together. July 24th a field day at the parish field. 10-noon. Steve to coordinate with the Recreation planner. Marie to advertise in the bulletin July 3rd & 10th.

    Next Children Liturgy scheduled for August 21st.

    OLD BUSINESS- St Jude banner Armand Lavallee has moved forward on and council agreed that the digital photo looks the best.

    New Business- Parish Council Officer Assignments:

    Ted Barrett- Chairperson

    Rodney Strong- Co-Chair

    Marie Cookson- Secretary

    4th July – Rodney to talk to some parish members and try to get a group interested to walk in the parade to represent St Jude’s

    50/50 raffle tickets need to go on sale immediately

    Discussion again on the status of the Church chimes- Father David reminded Council the reason they were asked to turn off in the first place was that they were annoying to some neighbors. Council agreed we don’t want to annoy our neighbors and also the cost of getting them up and running again was not in the best interest of the parish. Discussion closed.

    Council reviewed and worked on Parish goals:

    • Expand and strengthen Teen Ministry – Kevin agreed to investigate social network aspect
    • Establish Welcome program to increase Mass attendance- Kevin to investigate “Catholics Come Home “movement.
    • Publish quarterly newsletter- Ted will update as needed.
    • 4 th July Parade float and/or walkers- Rodney try to get something going agreed to keep as a goal
    • Conduct Teen masses at St. Jude- Rodney & Marie & Steve to work on – possibly do a spinoff of Dave Dumaine’s retreats
    • Increase attendance in Bible study
    • Promote Parish outings- Pilgrimages /picnics, etc.
    • Update Parish bulletin board- Nicky Strong suggested as possible help with this
    • Promote Parish volunteerism

    Nest Council meeting set for July 14th

    Meeting Adjourned at 8:50

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Rodney Strong

    25. Parish Council Minutes-August 2011

    Parish Council Meeting

    September 8, 2011


    Present:  Fr. Cray, Ted Barrett, Doug Taff, Dan Smith, Rodney Strong, Bernie Sage, Steve Cote, Gary Payea and Marie Cookson


    Rodney started with an opening prayer.


    The minutes from the August 11, 2011 meeting were accepted.


    Worship Committee:  There was nothing to report.  This committee will be meeting on September 14th.


    Social Action:  Marie sent a note to all the shut-ins who receive bulletins about having a parishioner visit them on a regular basis.  No one has responded.  She will call these individuals and speak to them directly.    If some of these folks would like a visit, then we will put a note in the bulletin asking for volunteers to visit these shut-ins.


    Stewardship:  Doug reported that the offertory looks down from this time last year.  He said that last year at this time we were just finishing up the Stewardship Campaign and that 2010 was much higher than 2009 because of this.  Expenses are good.


    Doug spoke with Ray Keller about the roof insulation of the church.  Both feel we aren’t going to get a better price from anyone.  Ray will talk with the insulator and ask that they divide the bill accordingly so we don’t need to get Diocesan approval.


    Steve will anchor the trellis down in the next week or so.


    Religious Ed:  Dan reported that the Confirmation classes have started although the attendance was very low the first class.  This was the Sunday of Hurricane Irene. 


    Marie reported that the Teacher’s Meeting was very well attended.  Only 1 Catechist was missing.  At the Teacher’s Meeting it was discussed ways to get the parents and the rest of the parish involved.  It was decided to do an Open House some Sunday in October or November after the 9:30 a.m. Mass and have classes display some of the work they have been doing.  CCD Classes start Monday, Sept. 12th.


    Old Business:    Progress on Council Goals:


    -Expand and strengthen Teen Ministry:  We discussed ways to get kids involved with music for the Teen Mass.  This would have to be high school age students.  If we could get a group of students together, they might be able and willing to do the music for the 4:30 p.m. mass on a monthly basis.

    -Establish Welcome program to increase Mass attendance:  Rodney will looking into the “Catholics Come Home” movement to see if this is something our parish could do. 

    -Publish quarterly newsletter:  Ted periodically has an update that is included in the weekly bulletin.

    -4th of July Parade Float:  It was decided that this would be something we should get the CCD students involved in before the end of the school year…then work with those interested students after CCD is finished.

    -Conduct Teen Masses—spinoff from Dave Dumaine’s Retreat:  This could happen for the March 2012 retreat.  However, the September 2011 Confirmation retreat is being held at St. Catherine’s in Shelburne so a Teen Mass wouldn’t work for this retreat.

    -Increase attendance in Bible Study:  Adult Ed mini-series was suggested.  Fr. Berbe will give a discussion after the holidays on the Translation of the New Missal.  Father Cray suggested that Bob Theifels might be willing to give a class or two on social justice.

    -Promote Parish outings:  Pilgrimages and picnics, etc.:  The Pancake Breakfasts and Fish & Chip Dinners are working very well.  Marie mentioned that Lisa and Kevin Boutin are willing to do the Fish & Chip dinners again.   It is very important that they have help in the kitchen to do the dishes.  Lisa has a system down for getting things ready and cooked and doesn’t need help with this part of it.  Washing the dishes is the part where they need the help.  Bernie will look into the price of a Hobart dishwasher.

    -Update Parish Bulletin Board:  Rodney said that his wife, Nicky, would be willing to do this.

    ­-Promote Parish Volunteerism:


    New Business:


    Ted informed the Council that Stan Haselton has resigned so there are 2 openings to fill.  It was discussed having a teen age student on the council.  Ted suggested we think about this possibility along with names of others who could be asked to join us.


    This Sunday is the 10th Anniversary of September 11th, 2001.  Father will ask for a moment of silence during Mass to remember those who lost their lives that day.


    Next meeting is October 13th, 2011.


    Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.


    Respectfully submitted,

    Marie Cookson



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