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Parish History

First Church BuildingIn 1946 the popluation of Vermont was 370,800.  The State had about 700 one and two-room schools.  There were more than 11,000 dairy farms.  Bread cost ten cents a loaf and mild sold for eighteen cents a quart. A lot has changed in Vermont and in the church over the years.

Saint Jude the Apostle Church, even after sixty years of change, still has signs of the early commitments of faith and community, the parish still has that fresh start.

Saint Jude Parish has its humble beginnings as a mission of St. Catherine's parish in Shelburne.  The very first Mass was celebrated in Hinesburg on November 29, 1942 for approximately one hundred and fifty people.

The first church building was completed and ready for Mass on February 8th, 1948, eventhough the pews and stain glass windows had yet to be finished.  On May 23rd, 1948, Bishop Ryan dedicated the church.

Time doesn't pass without crises and as the rafters of the first church building aged its structural strength developed a weak spot.  One good pile of snow on the roof was eventually regarded as a risk to church goers that was no longer worth taking.  So, a new church building was commissioned and ground was broken in the summer of 1989 with the dedication of the new church on June 10th, 1990 by Bishop John A Marshall.

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